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How to Draw Kenny

If you were looking for a way to draw Kenny from South Park, then you are in the right place. I’ll help you create the iconic image of this funny guy in a few very simple, illustrated steps.

how to draw kenny easy
how to draw kenny step by step

How to Draw Kenny: Basic Information

In my guide on how to draw Kenny, you’ll capture the silent yet memorable character from the streets of South Park. The essence of Kenny drawing lies in his iconic orange parka, which is almost as much a part of him as his own personality. The design of this character is delightfully simple, yet it holds a certain charm that you’ll unfold step by step.

We’ll start with a round face hidden beneath the hood of his parka, hinting at the mystery of his often muffled voice. His eyes, two simple circles, are the key to expressing a wide range of emotions he experiences in every episode.

When drawing Kenny, pay special attention to the oversized hood and how it shapes his face, which is a unique aspect of his character. As we sketch, remember to keep the lines soft and the proportions in check to maintain the stylized look of this beloved character.

With each step of drawing Kenny, you’ll see how he comes to life on your pages, ready to join in the adventures and misadventures of his South Park pals.

Kenny Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Kenny

  1. Depict the head and torso.

    In the first step of drawing Kenny from South Park, you start by sketching a large circle for his head and a smaller rectangular shape beneath it for his body. The head should dominate the figure, characteristic of South Park’s design, where heads are often oversized compared to bodies.how to draw kenny for kids

  2. Draw the Kenny arms.

    Next, draw Kenny’s arms. Start by adding two small, rectangular shapes on each side of the rectangular body. These rectangles should point downward and slightly outward, giving the impression of his arms hanging at his sides.how to draw kenny for beginners

  3. Sketch out the mittens.

    For this step, add small circles at the ends of the triangular shapes to represent Kenny’s hands. Position these circles so they are proportionate to the arms and not too large compared to the head and body. The hands in South Park characters are often minimalistic, with little detail.kenny drawing lesson

  4. Add the thumbs and the outline of the jacket.

    Now, it’s time to refine the body shape by adding details to Kenny’s coat. Draw a curved line connecting the bottom corners of the rectangle, suggesting the hem of the coat. This line should be slightly curved upward in the middle to indicate the natural drape of the fabric.kenny drawing tutorial

  5. Depict the inner outline of the hood.

    Draw the outline of Kenny’s hood by adding an oval shape inside the head. The hood is a significant element of Kenny’s design, encapsulating his head and giving him his iconic appearance. Don’t forget the longitudinal line on the front of Kenny’s jacket as well.kenny drawing guide

  6. Draw the Kenny shoes and the outline of the hood.

    At the base of the torso, sketch two curved lines to illustrate the shoes. Inside the outline of the hood, add an additional line to signify the inner fold. The fold of the hood has no upper edge and looks like a crescent.simple kenny drawing

  7. Add the detail on the hood and drawstrings.

    Inside the hood, draw an inner oval that follows the shape of the outer oval but is slightly smaller. This inner oval will represent the face opening of the hood. Then, add the simple, curved lines from the top of the inner oval to represent the hood laces.easy kenny drawing

  8. Draw the Kenny eyes.

    Now, add Kenny’s facial features. Inside the inner oval, draw two large, rounded eyes. These eyes should be close together, almost touching in the middle. Add small circles within the eyes to represent pupils, making sure they are looking straight ahead.kenny drawing for kids

  9. Color the Kenny drawing.

    So, color Kenny using his signature orange for the hoodie, brown for the gloves, and white for the eyes. Be precise with the coloring to keep the clean, bold look. The final touches bring your drawing to life, closely resembling the original character from South Park.how to draw kenny easy

Additional Content

So, here I’ve put together a free PDF file with a concise version of my Kenny drawing guide. Moreover, this downloadable resource ensures that you can enjoy drawing Kenny anytime, even when offline.

Additionally, it’s a handy reference to practice your skills or to guide you through the drawing steps once more. Finally, remember that practice is the key to mastery, so having this PDF can be a valuable tool in your creative toolkit.

Common Mistakes

Paying attention to these errors can make the difference between a good drawing and a great one. Here’s a list of common pitfalls to avoid:

  • Ensure that the proportions of Kenny’s head to his body are accurate; an oversized head or body can distort the overall appearance.
  • Avoid making the arms too long or too short; they should be just the right length to maintain the character’s iconic look.
  • Remember not to place the eyes too close together or too far apart; they should be centered within the face area for a balanced Kenny drawing.
  • Watch out for the placement of the mitten’s thumbs; they should face towards Kenny’s body to reflect a natural hand position.
  • Be careful not to overlook the curvature of the hood; it should mirror the shape of Kenny’s head closely for a snug fit.

While drawing Kenny, these common errors can be easily overlooked but are essential for a polished result. Furthermore, by keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be able to draw Kenny with confidence and improve with each attempt.

Moreover, as you continue to practice, you’ll find that these mistakes become less frequent, and your ability to create a classic Kenny drawing will grow.


As we conclude this lesson, I hope you improvement in your Kenny drawing skills. Moreover, it’s been rewarding to guide you through each step, and I trust that you can now draw Kenny with a newfound confidence.

Don’t forget to check out the other lessons on my website for more “South Park” character drawings.

Furthermore, for regular updates and more creative insights, don’t hesitate to follow me on social media. It’s a great way to stay connected and informed about new drawing tutorials that can expand your repertoire.

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