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How to Draw a Military Man

Follow my steps to learn how to draw a military man and impress your friends with your artistic talent. This military man drawing lesson makes drawing soldiers easy and enjoyable!

Ready your pencils, kids! My military man drawing tutorial is here to guide you through each simple step. Tailored for young artists, this lesson will have you drawing a brave soldier in no time. It’s easy, fun, and designed just for children to follow and enjoy.

 how to draw a military man easy
how to draw a military man step by step

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Basic Information on How to Draw a Military Man

Diving into the world of art, this drawing lesson offers a unique opportunity for beginners: we’ll teach you how to draw a military man in an adorable chibi style.

In this approach, each feature is exaggerated – big eyes, oversized head, and a compact body – making the character instantly endearing and approachable. Such a style is not just fun but also forgiving, allowing for creative expression without the pressure of perfect proportions.

Additionally, this military man drawing tutorial is designed with simplicity in mind, making it ideal for children and budding artists. The step-by-step process breaks down complex images into manageable shapes, ensuring that even those with no prior experience can follow along with ease.

Concluding this lesson, you’ll see how each stroke adds character and life to your drawing. This military man drawing exercise is more than just an art project; it’s a stepping stone into the vast world of artistic expression, tailored perfectly for children and those starting their artistic journey.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw a Military Man

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Military Man

  1. Draw the head and torso.

    Begin by drawing two ovals of different sizes with smooth, even lines. The larger oval will form the head of the character, while the smaller one will represent the body.how to draw a military man for kids

  2. Add the arms and the outline of the cap.

    Depict gentle curves on each side of the body to draw the military man arms. At the midpoint of the head, add a horizontal line to indicate where the bottom of the hat will sit.military man drawing lesson

  3. Draw the military man legs and sleeves.

    Using smooth lines, draw the short legs. At the end of each arm, sketch lines to define the cuffs of the sleeves, creating a separation between the arms and hands.military man drawing guide

  4. Sketch out the belt and detail the sleeves

    At the waist, draw two lines to depict the belt, and add a small rectangle in the center for the buckle. Outline the sleeve cuffs by sketching their contours around the arms.military man drawing tutorial

  5. Draw the military man ears and add the collar.

    Sketch two curved lines on the sides of the head to create the ears. Then, use straight lines to form the sharp edges of the collar.simple military man drawing

  6. Detail the clothing.

    Draw two pocket outlines on the chest area. Add a line above the ears to represent the lower edge of the hat, ensuring it follows the curvature of the head.easy military man drawing

  7. Add details.

    At the base of the legs, draw horizontal lines to demarcate the shoes tops from the pants, creating a clear distinction of the footwear in the military man uniform. Detail the hat.military man drawing step by step

  8. Draw the military man hair, facial features and clothing details.

    Outline the hair by drawing smooth lines. Then sketch two ovals for the eyes and a gentle curve for the mouth to give the face a cheerful expression. Add the buttons to the clothes.military man drawing for beginners

  9. Color the military man drawing.

    Choose natural skin tones to color the skin and hair. For the uniform, use various shades of green to fill in the clothing, creating a camouflaged military look.how to draw a military man easy

Additional Content

I’ve prepared a free PDF file with a condensed version of this drawing lesson for your convenience. Moreover, once you download this file, you can enjoy drawing even when you’re offline, ensuring you have access to this fun activity anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, this portable format is perfect for on-the-go creativity or as a handy reference during your drawing practice.

Improve Your Drawing

Certainly, improving your military man drawing involves attention to detail and practice. Here are some tips to enhance your military man drawing:

  • Firstly, observe reference images: look at photos of military uniforms to understand the details better.
  • Secondly, add textures: use shading techniques to give the uniform fabric a realistic texture.
  • Next, detail the accessories: draw pockets, badges, and other military regalia with precision.
  • Also, use dynamic lines: avoid making all lines uniform; use thick and thin lines to bring dynamism to your drawing.
  • Furthermore, color selection: choose appropriate, muted colors for the uniform.
  • Lastly, background context: add a simple background to give context to your military figure, such as a base camp or field environment.

Remember, practice is key. Keep refining each element, and your military man drawings will become more lifelike and impactful.


Starting from the basic shapes and moving on to the intricate details, we’ve covered the essential steps to bring your military man to life. Moreover, with practice and attention to detail, you can enhance the authenticity and vibrancy of your artwork.

Additionally, I encourage you to explore other lessons available in my site to broaden your skills across various subjects and styles. Each tutorial is a building block to becoming a more adept artist.

Furthermore, for continuous learning and updates on new drawing tutorials, don’t hesitate to follow me on social media. Staying connected will not only provide you with a stream of inspiration but also a community of fellow artists to share your journey with.

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