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How to Draw Thor

how to draw thor

Little by little, I began to develop my section on comic book characters. Today I will tell you how to draw Thor from Marvel Comics. I chose the classic look of this character which you can see in the comic books of the 70s and 80s.

Thor Drawing Tutorial

Step 1

First, we depict the paths of the head and torso. As in the Chibi-style drawings, in our case, the head should be larger than the corpus.

How to draw Thor easy

Step 2

It’s time to add the limbs. This style of drawing suggests the absence of complex articulations and muscles. Therefore, we simply draw long, stretched cylinders and rounded figures. These are palms and soles.

How to draw Thor for kids

Step 3

Outline the features. The shape of the eyebrows and eyes should create a decisive expression on the face. Not evil but decisive.

How to draw Thor for beginners

Step 4

In this step, we will draw the paths of the beard and helmet. You can see a typical Scandinavian helmet with wide wings on the sides.

How to draw Thor easy step by step

Step 5

Now we are starting to depict the details of our Thunderer’s armor. In this part of the tutorial, we draw four large circles in the center of the body and a thin belt.

Learn how to draw Thor from comics

Step 6

You can see his huge hammer and red cloak in any version of the appearance of Thor. Let’s draw the contours of these things.

How to draw Thor for beginners easy

Step 7

We erase the extra lines from the head and the helmet. As you can see, pupils should not be drawn.

How to draw Thor easy for children

Step 8

We erase the extra lines from the corpus. Add necessary details such as pleats on boots and mantle fabric.

Thor drawing tutorial

Step 9

Now we have the last stage. As always, in the last stage, we are painting the character. You can make drawing more complex and realistic if you add shades. But we confine ourselves to a simple option for emerging artists.

How to draw Thor for kids

So, I hope that you have a great superhero. Despite the cartoon style, our Thor is very recognizable.

Remember the appearance of Thor from the movie Thor: Ragnarok? You can easily draw the same hero with the help of my lesson. You only need to paint another armor and eye patch.

Do not forget to save this picture. You can always repeat the steps from this post
with the help of this.

And another small scene from the iconic fight of Thor against Hulk. This is not only a comic book classic, it is also a scene from a famous movie.

How to Draw Thor Step by Step

Now, I suggest that you prepare the art supplies you will need to complete this tutorial, and then you can follow my instructions. I wish you enjoy the creative process and get a great result!

how to draw thor step by step

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