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How to Draw Venom

I invite young artists to learn how to draw Venom, the alien symbiote with a fearsome reputation, in a cute cartoon style. This guide is perfect for kids, offering multiple drawing methods that break down his complex features into simple steps, allowing for a playful yet experience in capturing this character.

How to draw Venom
how to draw venom step by step

How to Draw Venom: Basic Information

Let’s capture the fearsome Venom in a lively cartoon style, showcasing him in a dynamic pose, tongue lashing out with all the vigor of his character. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to draw Venom not just standing still but in the midst of action, emphasizing his animated, almost spring-loaded energy that’s signature to the cartoon form.

Our focus will be on the fluidity of Venom’s pose, capturing the essence of his motion, and his trademark tongue, a symbol of his untamed nature. Step by step, we’ll build his form, from the broad shoulders to the contorted, expressive mouth, ensuring every detail contributes to the illusion of movement.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to draw Venom in an active cartoon pose, full of character and ready to leap off your page. The approach is tailored to encapsulate the essence of Venom’s raw power in a fun, accessible, and stylized cartoon form, perfect for artists seeking to combine cuteness with a touch of comic book menace.

Venom Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 50 minutes

How to Draw Venom

  1. Outline the head and torso.

    Sketch an oval for the head, slightly tilted to one side. Below the head, draw a curved line to form the torso, gradually tapering downward to indicate a crouched posture. This initial framework sets up the overall proportions and structure of the character, providing a foundation for the subsequent details.
    drawing the head and torso of venom

  2. Draw Venom’s limbs.

    Start with the arms, drawing curved lines extending from each shoulder, forming thick forearms that end in clenched fists. Position one fist in front, suggesting a ready-to-strike posture. Next, draw bent lines downward from the torso for the legs, with thighs and calves positioned on each side.
    Drawing venom’s limbs

  3. Define the face.

    Shift focus to Venom’s face, adding detail to make it recognizable. Draw two slanted, menacing eyes, shaped like inverted triangles, taking up much of the head’s surface. Next, draw two lines below the eyes to represent the large and sinister mouth of this comic book character.
    Detailing venom’s face

  4. Illustrate the teeth and tongue.

    Full the mouth of Venom with sharp, pointed teeth. Make sure the teeth vary in size, creating a chaotic look. Then, draw a long, wavy line extending from the corner of the mouth, shaping it into a snake-like tongue that curves outward.
    Drawing venom’s tongue and teeth

  5. Detail the hands of Venom.

    Now return to Venom’s limbs to add detail. For the hands, draw defined fingers on each fist, emphasizing their curved, claw-like shape. These details help establish Venom’s powerful appearance, complementing his fearsome expression.
    Detailing the hands

  6. Refine the face and arms.

    Erase the guidelines from the upper body. You can extend the tongue further, adding subtle curves and waves, creating dynamic movement. You can also detail the fingers on each hand, adding nails and joint lines to make them appear more monstrous.
    Refining the upper body

  7. Refine the lower body.

    Start by carefully outlining the legs. You can add subtle curves and contours to emphasize Venom’s powerful physique. Once satisfied with the leg details, gently erase the guidelines, removing any construction lines or rough sketches.
    Refining the lower body

  8. Color the Venom drawing.

    Fill in the body with a deep black, leaving the eyes, mouth, and tongue as contrasting elements. Color the eyes white, the mouth red, the teeth white, and the tongue a deep pink or red. This step completes Venom’s drawing, enhancing his ominous presence, and making the artwork appear cohesive and finished.
    How to draw Venom for kids

Additional Content

To complement your learning experience, I’ve prepared a free PDF file of this drawing lesson. It’s a condensed version that’s perfect for quick reference and practice. Download it to have a handy guide right at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere, no internet needed.

This PDF captures the essential steps of the tutorial, allowing you to revisit and revise the techniques that bring Venom to life in his chibi form. It’s great for on-the-go practice or for those moments when you want to disconnect and enjoy some offline drawing time.

Different Venom Coloring Option

To further expand your artistic range, I’ve crafted an additional coloring variant for your Venom artwork. By applying this new palette, you’ll transform the notorious symbiote into an entirely different character.


Examine my illustration of Anti-Venom as an example. With a few straightforward changes to the color palette, swapping Venom’s classic black for stark white, and merging the eyes and mouth into one continuous design, you can effortlessly craft this unique and recognizable counterpart to Venom.

Antivenom Drawing

Alternative Drawing Technique

Alongside the other resources, I’ve also devised an alternative drawing technique for Venom to further sharpen your artistic skills. This additional method introduces a new approach, challenging you to refine your technique and expand your ability to depict this iconic character in various styles.

How to Draw Furious Venom

In this nuanced alternative tutorial, you’ll learn to illustrate Venom in the throes of his fury, step by careful step. We’ll focus on illustrating the sheer ferocity of his character through his powerful, hunched pose and the menacing drool that drips from his gaping maw.

You’ll gain insights into how to render the dynamic tension in his body and the saliva that signifies his wrath, adding a layer of visceral intensity to your drawing. This method is perfect for artists who want to explore more dramatic expressions and master the art of showing powerful emotions in their comic book characters.

how to draw easy venom step by step


With the final stroke of your pencil, Venom’s fury has come to life! But don’t put away your art supplies just yet—there’s a whole array of fun lessons waiting on my website. From speeding bikes to cozy beds, there’s something for every young artist.

And to make sure you’re always in the loop, hop onto my social media. Who knows what we’ll draw next? Maybe your suggestions will become our next art lesson, so let’s stay connected and keep the creativity flowing!

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