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How to Draw a Mermaid

Today, we’ll dive into a creative current as I show you how to draw a mermaid, that alluring creature of the ocean’s fables. This lesson is crafted to guide you through my straightforward technique, ensuring anyone can create a whimsical mermaid. It’s a journey of imagination that begins with a pencil and a simple outline.

how to draw a mermaid step by step

How to Draw a Mermaid: Basic Information

Venturing into the enchanting world beneath the waves, today’s lesson is on how to draw a mermaid, a beloved figure in folklore and fairy tales. I’ve created this drawing guide to help my readers effortlessly bring to life their very own mermaid using a series of simple, effective steps.

The mermaid we’re drawing is imbued with childlike wonder, a signature of the chibi style, featuring a friendly face with exaggerated expressions, a charming, compact tail, and flowing hair that echoes the free spirit of the sea. Each element is broken down into easy shapes and lines, making this tutorial suitable for even the most beginners.

As we conclude, you’ll see how simple it is to draw a mermaid with personality and charm. I encourage you to take what you’ve learned and experiment with colors and details, making your mermaid truly your own. Keep practicing and exploring the depths of your imagination.

Mermaid Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Mermaid

  1. Draw the outline of the mermaid’s head and torso.

    To do this step, you can depict the mermaid’s head as an oval and the torso with curved lines.how to draw a mermaid step by step

  2. Depict the facial features.

    Draw the mermaid’s eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth using two ovals and curved lines.how to draw a mermaid easy

  3. Add the mermaid’s hair and ears.

    Draw the same ears on the sides of the head, and the hair on top of the head, using curved lines.how to draw a mermaid easy for kids

  4. Draw the mermaid’s tail.

    Below the outline of the torso of the character add a large tail with two fins at the bottom of it.how to draw a mermaid easy step by step

  5. Depict the hands.

    On the right and left sides of the torso add two symmetrical hands, using curved lines.how to draw a mermaid for kids easy

  6. Add the element.

    Draw a volumetric outline of the top edge of the tail at the waist of the mermaid.a mermaid drawing guide

  7. Picture the top part of the mermaid’s costume.

    On top of the mermaid’s torso add rounded and straight lines to represent her costume.a mermaid drawing tutorial

  8. Erase unnecessary lines.

    Use an eraser to remove auxiliary lines that appeared during the drawing process.easy way to draw a mermaid

  9. Color the drawing.

    To color the mermaid, use blue, red, black, shades of yellow, and any color for the skin.how to draw a mermaid step by step easy

Additional Content

To complement the magical journey of drawing a mermaid, I’ve also prepared a free PDF file of this lesson. It’s the perfect companion for those times when you wish to immerse yourself in art, regardless of where you are.

The PDF is thoughtfully designed to be printer-friendly, ensuring that you can have a physical copy to use as a reference whenever the creative urge strikes. It’s my hope that this resource empowers you to keep honing your skills, inspiring you to fill your world with the wonders of the sea and the charm of its mythical inhabitants.

Alternative Drawing Techniques

Moreover, I’ve expanded the learning experience by including a collection of alternative mermaid drawing techniques, each designed to challenge you in different ways. Whether it’s mastering the fluidity of their tails or the softness of their features, these methods are constructed to sharpen your observational skills.

As you progress through these alternative practices, you will notice an improvement in your ability to render the mythical elegance of mermaids, as well as other subjects. This is an invitation to immerse yourself in the creative process, broaden your artistic horizon, and elevate your drawings from simple sketches to captivating artworks.

How to Draw a Mermaid with Closed Eyes

In this lesson, I’m excited to show you how to capture the serene moment of a mermaid submerging into the calm ocean depths. We’ll start with the basic outline of her face and then, with a few simple strokes, add the closed eyes that give her a peaceful expression, as though she’s embracing the quietude of the underwater world.

The gentle curve of her eyelids and the relaxed features will suggest she’s in a state of blissful repose, just beginning her descent beneath the waves. This technique is not only about drawing but also about infusing your artwork with emotion and story, allowing you to create a mermaid that’s both tranquil and full of life.

how to draw an easy mermaid step by step

Mermaid Drawing: Simplified Ariel

In this artistic venture, I’m excited to show you how to draw an ultra-simplified version of Ariel, the mermaid that has captured hearts across the sea and shore. This tutorial is crafted with beginners in mind, breaking down Ariel’s distinctive look into elementary shapes that anyone can follow.

We start with a round face, add in the wide, expressive eyes, and then sketch her flowing hair and characteristic mermaid tail. The aim is to preserve the spirit of Ariel’s character using minimal lines, enabling even the youngest of artists to enjoy the thrill of creation.

how to draw a mermaid step by step

How to Draw a Chibi Mermaid Girl

In this delightful tutorial, we’ll be creating a chibi mermaid girl, embracing the whimsical and endearing qualities that chibi art is known for. Starting with a simple circle for her head and adding a curved line for her body, we’ll build up her form with broad, expressive strokes.

Her facial features will be large and engaging, capturing the innocence and joy of a young mermaid. We’ll then add the distinctive mermaid tail, ensuring it’s both cute and proportional to her chibi form. This drawing will come together as a blend of playful elements, resulting in a mermaid girl that radiates charm and invites smiles.

how to draw a mermaid girl step by step


And just like that, with a few strokes and swirls, you’ve brought a charming mermaid to life! Isn’t she adorable? If you’ve enjoyed this splash into art, there’s a whole sea of other drawing lessons waiting for you. Why not try your hand at drawing a dog’s face next, or learn the delicate art of sketching a feather?

Make sure to follow my social media too, so you won’t miss any announcements about new lessons that are bubbling up. Got ideas for what we should draw next? I’m all ears! Drop a line in the comments section with your drawing dreams, and they might just be the star of our next art adventure!

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