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How to Draw Itachi

Now you will learn how to draw Itachi. I hope that thanks to this lesson, you will improve your artistic skills and have a good time.

itachi drawing tutorial
how to draw itachi step by step

In this drawing lesson, I will show in detail how to draw Itachi. This is the character of the Naruto manga, a member of the Uchiha clan. Itachi is a smart, strong and hardy warrior who owns various combat techniques.

Itachi has dark straight hair and dark eyes. Under the eyes there are stripes almost to the cheeks. This feature of the structure of the face of Itachi inherited from his father. Itachi wears a black cloak with a collar and a pattern of red clouds. Itachi has a bandage on his head. It is in this image that you will draw a manga character.

The lesson is designed specifically for beginners and contains nine simple steps. You only need patience, care, and accuracy. Now get all your art supplies ready and get to work.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw Itachi

  1. Draw the head.

    Depict an even circle, add the lower part and mark up the elements of the face.how to draw itachi easy

  2. Depict the bandage.

    Draw horizontal lines to outline the bandage and add the emblem.how to draw itachi full body

  3. Add facial features.

    Sketch out the large eyes, small nose and mouth.how to draw itachi art simple

  4. Sketch out the hair.

    The upper contour of the hair has a rounded shape, and draw pointed strands at the bottom.how to draw itachi for beginners

  5. Draw the torso.

    Depict the cloak with smooth lines.how to draw itachi uchiha full body

  6. Add the hands.

    Draw wide sleeves and try to correctly depict the position of the hands.how to draw itachi chibi

  7. Depict the legs.

    The legs are short and rounded. Draw the shoes below.how to draw itachi for kids

  8. Add the pattern to the cape.

    With smooth curved lines draw the clouds on the Itachi’s cloak.itachi drawing lesson

  9. Color the drawing.

    For coloring, you will need beige, dark gray and dark red.itachi drawing tutorial

I want to remind you that now you can download a short version of the lesson as a PDF file for free. Save this file and use it at any convenient time, regardless of whether you have an Internet connection.

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