How to Draw a Princess

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We all know that the most beautiful characters in fairy tales are princesses. I created this tutorial to show you how to draw a princess.

How to draw a Princess
How to draw a Princess step by step

I suggest you study this lesson and learn how to draw a princess. This princess looks very cute, she is delicate and graceful.

There are many fairy tales and cartoons where the main character is a princess. Usually, this is a beautiful, kind, and intelligent girl. In fairy tales, different events and exciting adventures take place with the princess. In the course of the story, the princess overcomes all difficulties and at the end of the tale, there is usually a happy ending.

You will perform this task in a simplified style. This style is already familiar to you from the previous lessons. There is no complicated construction here. The princess drawing lesson consists of several steps that are easy to understand for any aspiring artist. In each stage, you will draw simple elements. You can easily complete this task, even if you have not drawn princesses before.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 21 minutes.

How to Draw a Princess

  1. Draw the head.

    Determine the position of the princess and create the circle.Princess drawing tutorial

  2. Depict the torso.

    The princess has a slender neck and her torso is much smaller than her head.How to draw a beautiful Princess

  3. Draw the skirt.

    The princess dress is bell-shaped.How to draw a Princess quickly

  4. Add the arms and the top of the dress.

    The princess has thin small arms. Try to make them the same size.How to draw a Princess for kids

  5. Portray the elements of the dress.

    From the center to the bottom edges, draw two curved lines across the dress.How to draw a simple Princess

  6. Draw the hair and crown.

    To draw the hairstyle, draw some smooth lines and draw a small crown on the side.How to draw a Princess easy

  7. Add the facial features.

    Draw small eyes, eyebrows, blush on the cheeks, and a small mouth.How to draw a cartoon Princess

  8. Color the princess.

    Color the body beige, yellow for the crown, orange for hair, and blue for clothing.How to draw a Princess

Now you have learned how to draw a beautiful princess and can make beautiful drawings where the princess will be the main character. Set up an environment for the princess. Draw her against the backdrop of beautiful nature, or draw a princess in a palace. Show your imagination and make a bright colorful drawing. Add various details, for example, draw a princess in a different outfit. Experiment and enjoy the result.

I have prepared a PDF file for you so that you have access to the princess drawing tutorial at any convenient time. Download this file and improve your drawing skills whenever you want.

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