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How to Draw a Girl

how to draw a girl

how to draw a girl step by step

In this very simple thirteen-stage instruction, the team of Howtodrawforkids.com will show you how to draw a girl.

Drawing a cartoon girl can be a fun and engaging way to explore artistic skills, especially for beginners. This step-by-step guide breaks down the process into manageable steps, providing clear instructions for creating a simple yet charming character.

Each stage builds upon the previous one, guiding you through adding the head, facial features, and hair, before moving on to the torso, arms, and legs. This methodical approach ensures that every element is covered, resulting in a cohesive, finished drawing.

Time needed: 1 hour and 10 minutes

How to draw a girl

  1. Drawing the Head

    Start by drawing a simple circle, which will serve as the girl’s head. This circle is essential as it provides a basic outline for positioning facial features and forms the foundation for the rest of the drawing. Make sure to draw it with light lines to allow for adjustments later.
    Drawing the Head

  2. Adding hairlines.

    Inside the head circle, draw a downward-sloping line from the top center to each side, creating a basic outline of the girl’s hair. This line represents the parting in her hair, adding to the cartoon’s charm by suggesting a simple hairstyle.
    Adding Hairlines

  3. Adding the eyes.

    Draw two small circles inside the head, roughly halfway down from the top, representing the girl’s eyes. These are large, rounded shapes that are reminiscent of Chibi’s facial feature drawing technique. As with Chibi, this character’s eyes should be noticeable and expressive.Adding the Eyes

  4. Add the outlines of the pupils

    Inside the circles, add smaller ovals to serve as pupils, bringing life to her expression. Position these ovals centrally or towards the center of the face, depending on the desired look. This step is crucial for conveying emotion and character.Add the outlines of the pupils

  5. Drawing the mouth and nose

    Below the eyes, add a small “L” shape to indicate the nose. Position it centrally and proportionally to the eyes, maintaining the face’s symmetry. Then, below the nose, draw a curved line for the mouth. This can range from a simple neutral curve to an upward curve for a smile.Drawing the Mouth and Nose

  6. Drawing the hair.

    From the top of the head, draw long straight lines downwards to form the hair. These lines should run along the sides of the face and extend past the chin, creating a flowing effect. The length of these lines can vary depending on the desired hairstyle, but they should generally cover the sides of the face.Drawing the Hair

  7. Adding the neck.

    Draw two vertical lines extending downward from the head to form the neck. This helps to connect harmoniously the face into the body, creating a cohesive character design. The neck’s width should correspond to the proportions of the head, balancing the character’s appearance.Adding the Neck

  8. Sketching the torso.

    Draw a trapezoidal shape starting from the neck to form the girl’s torso. This shape should be wider at the base, mimicking a simple dress silhouette. The trapezoidal shape helps to give the character structure, making it easier to add other elements.Sketching the Torso

  9. Drawing the arms.

    Draw lines extending down from the body’s sides to form arms. The arms should be proportional to the torso, extending to about 2/3 down its length. This step is crucial for completing the basic outline, making the character appear more realistic.Drawing the Arms

  10. Drawing the hands.

    Add additional lines to outline the arms more clearly, giving them a distinct shape. You can also add small lines to suggest fingers, enhancing the overall design. This step completes the arms, making the character look more finished.Drawing the hands

  11. Drawing the legs.

    From the bottom of the dress, draw straight lines downward to form the legs. These lines should gradually taper downward to create graceful contours of the lower limbs. The length of the legs should complement the torso, creating a balanced appearance.Drawing the Legs

  12. Adding the shoes.

    At the ends of the legs, draw small ovals to represent shoes. These should be proportionate to the legs, adding detail to the character’s attire.Adding the shoes

  13. Coloring the girl

    Fill in the girl’s hair with brown, making sure to color it evenly. The eyes are colored green, giving her a distinct look. Her dress is shaded purple, and her shoes are blue, adding vibrant colors to the overall design.color the girl

In conclusion, this lesson provides a simple yet comprehensive approach to drawing a cartoon girl, guiding you through each stage. By following these steps, you can create a charming and cohesive character, enhancing your skills in drawing facial features, hair, and body proportions.

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