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How to Draw Baby Yoda

Learn how to draw baby Yoda for kids with this easy step by step drawing tutorials created for kids, their parents, and art teachers.

How to draw baby Yoda
How to draw baby Yoda step by step

How to Draw Baby Yoda: Basic Information

You may also have known this cute character as Grogu. Anyway, I’ll show you how to draw Baby Yoda or Grogu in this super simple tutorial.

Grogu is a small child who has Jedi powers. The Mandalorian fans were only able to find out his story at the end of the second season. Before that, many called him Baby Yoda, although these heroes were united only by the race and the same abilities of the Jedi.

Many fans are convinced that Grogu will appear more than once in video games, films, and Star Wars series. This little Jedi already has a huge army of fans. That is why I decided to present you this drawing guide on drawing Grogu from the Mandalorian.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Baby Yoda Drawing Tutorial

Don’t forget to download our PDF version of this drawing guide. Here you will find a short version of the tutorial and a few bonuses that will make your drawing more fun.

So this was a guide on how to draw baby Yoda. I tried to create the simplest drawing lesson for artists of all skill levels. Don’t forget about likes and comments if you like my work. I will also be happy to answer any of your questions.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Baby Yoda

  1. Draw the head of Grogu.

    Begin by sketching an oval shape for the head, slightly elongated horizontally. Ensure this oval is centered in the upper portion of the page, leaving enough space below for the body. The size and shape of this oval will significantly affect the overall proportions of the drawing, serving as the base for all facial features.
    Drawing the head of baby yoda

  2. Outline the body.

    Beneath the head, extend a curved line downward, connecting the base of the head to form the body. This line should slightly taper inward, resembling the natural curve of a robe. Ensure the body is sufficiently proportioned compared to the head, providing a balanced look for Baby Yoda.
    Drawing the body

  3. Add the eyes.

    Within the head oval, sketch two large, circular eyes. These should be evenly spaced, positioned slightly higher than the midsection of the oval, and should take up a significant portion of the face, giving the character its distinctive wide-eyed expression.
    Adding the eyes

  4. Detail the head of Baby Yoda.

    Above each eye, draw gentle brows that follow the curve of the eyes. For pupils, add small circular dots within each eye, slightly off-center, to create a sense of direction. Additionally, add small, gentle curves or wavy lines near the top of the head to represent subtle wrinkles or texture.
    Detailing the head

  5. Draw Grogu’s ears.

    Extend two curved, triangular shapes outward from each side of the head, sloping slightly downward, to form the ears. These ears should be long, pointed, and narrow, angled to create the character’s iconic look. Adding an inner ear line can give them depth, making the ears appear more three-dimensional.
    adding the ears

  6. Add the collar.

    Below the head, sketch a thick, folded collar from one side of the body to the other, passing across the lower part of the head. This collar should have multiple curved folds to convey texture and volume. Ensure it has a cozy, snug appearance, indicating the character’s comfort and warmth within its robe.
    Drawing the collar

  7. Add the hands.

    Draw two small hands protruding from either side of the body. These should appear curled, positioned in front of the body, with simple, curved lines representing fingers to indicate a gentle grasp. Ensure the hands are proportional to the body and positioned comfortably at the character’s sides.
    Drawing the hands of Grogu

  8. Erase the guidelines.

    Go over the existing lines, emphasizing the curves and folds. Refine the lines on the face, smoothing out any rough edges and ensuring the brows, eyes, and ears are detailed and defined. You can add inner ear lines for depth, as well as any other small features that may further enhance the character’s appearance.

    baby yoda finished drawing

  9. Color Baby Yoda

    Color the character, using green for the skin, brown for the coat, and tan for the collar. Darken the pupils, adding highlights to the eyes to make them pop. You can again go over the entire drawing, smoothing out any rough edges and making final refinements to achieve a polished look.
    how to draw baby yoda for kids

Remember to download the PDF version of this drawing guide. This version offers a concise tutorial and a few extras to make your drawing experience even more enjoyable.

So, this was a guide on how to draw Baby Yoda. I aimed to create a straightforward lesson that suits artists of all skill levels. If you enjoyed this guide, feel free to like and comment. I’d be happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have

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