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How to Draw a Bat for Halloween

Today I will tell you how to draw a bat for Halloween. These will be two drawing lessons with some differences that I will tell you about.

I will tell you about all the fundamentally important steps in this lesson and show you how to draw it correctly, without mistakes. I have also prepared a free PDF for you with several pictures that will help you draw a bat for Halloween a little differently.

 bat for halloween drawing tutorial
how to draw a bat for halloween step by step

Table of Contents

Basic information on How to Draw a Bat for Halloween

A bat is a necessary part of any Halloween decoration. If you want to learn how to draw a bat for Halloween, you are in the right place. I’ll show you two ways to draw this, one of them will be based on simple geometric shapes. The second way is to work with markings and straight lines. You can choose what will be more suitable for you.

How to draw this? In any case, the Halloween Bat is just a silhouette without details. It’s simple and it’s difficult. This is simply because we don’t need to draw details and complex shadows. But this is also difficult because mistakes with symmetry and direction of lines will be especially noticeable here. I used two methods, each of which in its own way helps to create a beautiful and correct silhouette of the bat. First we’ll draw it in the typical step by step way, and then I’ll show you how to draw it with a little marking.

I’m sure this will help you create cool Halloween greeting cards, paint a Halloween scenery, or just practice drawing symmetrical shapes.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw a Bat for Halloween

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Bat for Halloween

  1. Draw the top of the head.

    First, draw a rounded shape and two small diagonal lines like in our example. This is not the very top part of the drawing, place it in the center of the sheet of paper or just below.how to draw a halloween bat step by step

  2. Add the sides of the head.

    Depict two more long, smooth lines to form the outline of the head and pointed ears. The completed figure should expand slightly at the bottom. It should already look like a bat’s head.how to draw a halloween bat easy

  3. Start drawing the wings.

    I hope you left enough space because now we are starting to draw the large bat wings. So, draw two smooth vertical lines like in our example. It should be much higher than the top of the head and ears.how to draw a halloween bat

  4. Depict the top outline of the wings.

    Bats have very large wings. We have to indicate this even if we are painting a Halloween decoration. Add two more smooth, curved horizontal lines. Each line should be at least 2 times wider than the body.how to draw a cute halloween bat

  5. Sketch out the sides of the wings.

    This is the last step of drawing bat wings. Draw curved lines that are shaped like the letter M.how to draw a simple halloween bat

  6. Draw the lower part of the torso.

    Close the outline of our bat and draw the tail and back of the torso. This should also be formed by two curved lines. The resulting angle should approximately coincide with the center of the head.bat for halloween drawing lesson

  7. Color the drawing.

    Most often, such Halloween decorations are completely black or dark gray. Use these colors or any others depending on your imagination.bat for halloween drawing tutorial

Additional Content

This PDF has several files that will help you draw a bat in several different ways. You will also find a ready-made silhouette there for coloring. Save this file so that you can always draw this even without the Internet.

Alternative Way to Draw Halloween Bat

There is another alternative way of drawing. You can use this method if you want to put maximum emphasis on symmetry and regular lines. The first steps of this lesson are incredibly important. If you draw the lines of the first steps correctly, you will surely get an excellent result.

When you start drawing lines, I recommend looking at the last steps so you understand what the lines are for. Each of them specifies the exact location and size of the body parts of our bat. Try to do without a ruler. However, remember that the lines must be very straight and precise.

another way to draw a halloween bat


I hope you drew a great Halloween bat. If you encounter difficulties or too noticeable mistakes, you can write to us in the comments. Try different drawing methods and choose what suits you best. Don’t forget to visit our website to get new drawing lessons!

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