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How to Draw Elsa

In this lesson we will tell you how to draw Elsa. If you want to draw more complex and beautiful art, you can watch another Elsa drawing lesson just below.

How to Draw Elsa for kids
How to Draw Elsa step by step

How to Draw Elsa From Frozen: Basic Information

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw Elsa. This is the main character of the cartoon “Frozen”. Many children and adults watched this cartoon with pleasure. Queen Elsa is a beautiful girl who possessed a magical gift. She could create snow and ice. Elsa was withdrawn and insecure, but over time she became loving and mischievous. Elsa has beautiful clothes in blue tones, thick blonde hair, and cute facial features.

After watching the cartoon, many children wanted to draw Queen Elsa. Many different ways of drawing Elsa have appeared on the Internet and in print media. This lesson presents one of the options for drawing this character. This style has its own characteristics. This style is characterized by unusual proportions when the head is much larger than the body. This is an unusual way, but very simple. Such a drawing can be easily drawn by any child and novice artist.

This cartoonish look has become very popular. Now you will see for yourself that drawing Queen Elsa is simple and interesting.

Elsa Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 12 minutes

How to Draw Elsa Step-by-Step

  1. Draw the oval for the face.

    Use the smooth line with which you will outline the contour of the face and ear.How to Draw Elsa

  2. Draw the hair.

    Look carefully at the sample and repeat all the lines that shape Elsa’s hairstyle.How to Draw Elsa easy

  3. Portray the torso.

    Draw some lines and outline the outlines of the arms and the outline of the dress.How to Draw chibi Elsa

  4. Depict the cape.

    To draw the cape, draw some smooth lines over the top of the dress.How to Draw Elsa from Frozen

  5. Draw the facial features.

    Add the eyes, mouth, cheeks, and eyebrows. Make sure all proportions are correct.How to Draw cartoon Elsa

  6. Color the Elsa drawing.

    You will need several colors – beige, pink, yellow, blue, and two shades of blue to paint the cape.How to Draw Elsa for kids

How to Draw Elsa: Video Tutorial

Additional Content

Hope you enjoyed this Elsa drawing tutorial and that Queen Elsa looks very good. I will be glad if you write about the results of the work in the comments. You can show this drawing to your friends.

I suggest you download a PDF file that contains a short version of this tutorial. Use this instruction whenever you feel like drawing.

Drawing Elsa Step by Step

In this tutorial you will draw Elsa in chibi style. This is a very easy way to draw and you will quickly get the hang of it. Here the character has unrealistic proportions, but is easily recognizable. Be careful at every stage of drawing and carefully draw all the lines that are marked in red.

how to draw elsa step by step

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