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How to Draw Ariel

Dive into the world of undersea royalty as I teach you how to draw Ariel, the mermaid whose adventures have enchanted audiences around the globe. This tutorial is my invitation for you to learn drawing Ariel in a way that’s straightforward and engaging. We’ll be capturing the essence of her character through playful, easy steps.

how to draw ariel for beginners
how to draw ariel step by step

How to Draw Ariel: Basic Information

Embarking on a creative journey beneath the sea, today’s lesson is centered on how to draw Ariel, the iconic mermaid princess, in an adorable chibi style. This guide is crafted with love to help my readers effortlessly create a miniature version of Ariel, using simplified steps that capture her whimsical essence in the unique Chibi form.

As we sketch Ariel, we focus on her iconic features: those wide, sparkling eyes and flowing red hair, all depicted in the exaggerated and adorable proportions that chibi art is known for. This approach allows artists of all ages to draw Ariel, adding a touch of magic and charm to their artwork.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll find it remarkably simple to draw Ariel. The techniques I’ve shared are tailored to encourage artists, young and old, to explore their creativity and add their own personal flair. So grab your pencils, and let’s breathe life into this tiny, enchanting version of everyone’s favorite underwater princess.

Ariel Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw Ariel

  1. Draw the outline of the head.

    So, first draw the outlines of the head. It’s tilted a little diagonally. Add also lines to outline the location of the eyes and mouth. An important feature is that the contour of Ariel’s head does not narrow downward.how to draw ariel easy

  2. Add elements of the face.

    You can see large eyes and small facial features in any Chibi drawing lesson. Our Ariel drawing guide goes along with this, so draw large round eyes, a small mouth and small eyebrows.how to draw ariel cute

  3. Detail the eyes and add the rest of the head.

    Let’s add some details. Draw highlights inside the outlines of the large eyes to highlight this part of the face. Enhance the effect with short, curled eyelashes. Draw the ears and a small stripe of the neck.how to draw ariel full body

  4. Depict the upper body.

    This is a very important step in terms of proportions. The length of the body is less than the length of the head – you can measure this. The body expands slightly downwards and connects with the beginning of the tail.cartoon ariel drawing step by step

  5. Sketch out the hands.

    Drawing hands is never easy. First draw the approximate outlines of the arms, then add the brushes. Use sticks and circles to make basic markings.how to draw ariel disney

  6. Draw the hair.

    If this step looks too difficult for you, draw the outer outline of Ariel’s hair first and then add the inner lines. Avoid too many lines. It should look smooth because Ariel the mermaid is underwater.chibi ariel drawing lesson

  7. Add the tail.

    The tail bends smoothly in one direction and at the same time tapers towards the end. Adjacent to the tail are two rounded figures – fins. There are no triangles here, only smooth round shapes.how to draw ariel cute and easy

  8. Draw the bodice and detail the tail.

    We are approaching the end of Ariel’s drawing lesson. So, draw our mermaid’s swimsuit, and add texture in the form of smooth curved lines to the fins.how to draw ariel disney princess

  9. Color the Ariel.

    For coloring, use the brightest colors—red, blue, blue, beige, and purple.how to draw ariel for beginners

Additional Content

To complement your artistic exploration, I’ve put together a free PDF file for this drawing lesson. This condensed guide offers a snapshot of the entire process, showing you how to depict Ariel. It’s a resource you can download, perfect for those moments when you want to practice offline.

The PDF is crafted to be convenient and easy to use, allowing you to revisit the steps anytime, reinforcing what you’ve learned. It’s especially handy for young artists who might want to take their drawing pads to places where the internet doesn’t reach, ensuring the joy of drawing isn’t hindered by connectivity.

Alternative Drawing Techniques

Furthermore, I’ve created an extra cute alternative drawing technique for Ariel, aiming to give you more opportunities to practice and elevate your art. This method is tailored to introduce you to new ways of depicting Ariel’s iconic look, pushing the boundaries of Chibi style with each delightful rendition.

It’s a fantastic way to keep your pencils moving and your imagination flowing, ensuring that with each new drawing, you’re building confidence and capability in your artistic endeavors.

How to Draw Cute Ariel

In the alternative method of this drawing lesson, I’ll be showing you how to create a cute chibi version of Ariel, the iconic little mermaid. This method distills her image into the quintessential chibi form- large, expressive eyes, an oversized head, and a small body, all of which accentuate her childlike charm.

We’ll capture her joyful essence with a simplified silhouette, making sure each feature, from her starfish accessories to her flared tail, is infused with cuteness. By following this technique, you’ll learn to draw Ariel in a way that’s both easy and engaging, perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your collection of character sketches.

how to draw a little mermaid step by step

Improve Your Ariel Drawing

I recommend not stopping there, and now I want to share with you some tips that will help improve your drawing and make it more attractive:

  • Add highlights on Ariel’s body. I have an article about this.
  • Draw the scales on the tail using short, curved strokes.
  • Add an environment for the mermaid Ariel. For example, draw rocks at the bottom of the sea and add various sea plants.
  • Draw other sea creatures around Ariel. There are many lessons on marine topics on my website.

By following these simple steps you will get an excellent result and gain useful experience in creating drawings on a marine theme.


There you go, friends! You’ve just finished drawing super cute Ariel, and she’s ready to make a splash on your art wall. If you loved creating this underwater princess, you’ll be thrilled with the other drawing lessons I have on my site- like how to draw a snappy crocodile or a juicy watermelon.

They’re just as fun and easy to follow! Don’t forget to follow me on social media so you won’t miss any of the creative fun we have every week. And if there’s something else you’re eager to draw, just let me know in the comments below. Your ideas might just become our next drawing adventure!

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