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How to Draw a Dragon Head

Now I will tell you and show you in detail how to draw a dragon head. I promise that an exciting creative process awaits you ahead.

 How to draw a dragon head
how to draw a dragon head step by step

How to Draw a Dragon Head: Basic Information

In this tutorial, we will draw a simple and stylized dragon head. Additionally, we will explore an even easier version created for the most inexperienced artists. This tutorial on drawing a dragon head can significantly train an artist’s skills and confidence, providing several long-term benefits.

For example, the focus on details such as eyes, nostrils, horns, and scales teaches precision and the importance of small elements in creating a simple but realistic image. This attention to detail improves observational skills, enabling artists to notice and replicate subtle features in their work.

Coloring is also an important component of this tutorial. These techniques give drawings a three-dimensional appearance, teaching artists how to manipulate light and shadow to add form and volume to their work. Mastering these techniques is crucial for creating dynamic and realistic images.

Symmetry and proportion are crucial aspects covered in this tutorial. Learning to maintain balance in features like eyes and horns ensures that drawings are harmonious and visually appealing. These skills are really important for character design and any subject where proportionality is key.

By following this tutorial, beginning artists will learn how to depict an ancient and formidable creature in a cartoonish and cute manner. This approach allows them to blend elements of intimidation and charm, creating a dragon that is both fearsome and endearing.

Dragon Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Dragon Head

  1. Outline the head and neck.

    Begin by sketching the basic shape of the dragon’s head and neck. Draw an oval for the head and a curved line extending down for the neck. Ensure the oval is slightly tilted forward, giving a sense of direction. The neck should curve gracefully. Keep the lines light and fluid.
    drawing the head and neck of the dragon

  2. Sketch the snout and jaw.

    Start by drawing a curved line from the lower part of the oval to form the snout, creating a distinct nose shape. Extend this line down and back towards the neck to define the jawline, giving the dragon a strong, angular jaw. Ensure the snout is slightly elongated, characteristic of a dragon’s fierce appearance.
    Adding the snout and jaw

  3. Define the nose and teeth.

    Draw a small curve at the tip of the snout to represent the nostril. Next, outline the tooth by drawing a row of small triangles at the line of the mouth. The teeth of the dragon should be located approximately the same distance from each other.
    Define the nose and teeth

  4. Draw the eye and eyebrow.

    Focus on the dragon’s eyes and eyebrow ridges to give it a fierce expression. Draw a slightly almond-shaped eye just above the snout, near the front of the head. You can a smaller circle within the eye to represent the pupil. Above the eye, sketch a curved line to form the eyebrow ridge.
    Adding the eye and eyebrow

  5. Sketch the ear of the dragon.

    Start by drawing a triangular shape above the jawline and towards the back of the head. Add a few lines inside the ear to suggest folds. To give the dragon’s head a more three-dimensional appearance, you can draw the tip of the second ear, visible from behind the head.
    Drawing the ear of the dragon

  6. Outline the horns.

    The horns are a key feature of dragon’s menacing look. Draw two long, curved horns starting from the top of the head and extending upwards and slightly backward. Add some minor curves and variations along the length of the horns to make them look rugged and strong.
    Adding the horns

  7. Add the spikes.

    Starting from just above the ear, sketch a series of triangular spikes that decrease in size as they go down the neck. These spikes should follow the curve of the neck. Ensure the spikes are evenly spaced on the neck and have a consistent shape
    Adding the spikes

  8. Erase the guidelines and review the sketch.

    Look at your dragon head drawing, refining the details and cleaning up any rough or unnecessary lines. Ensure all the facial features, spikes, horns, and other details are clearly defined and proportionate. Add additional lines to indicate scales, wrinkles, or other textures.
    Finished dragon head drawing

  9. Color the dragon’s head.

    Choose a color palette that fits the dragon’s fierce and mythical appearance. Common choices include shades of green, red, or blue. Color the main part of the head in green, then add yellow to the front of the neck. Pay attention to details like the eyes, spikes, and horns, adding different hues.
    Coloring the dragon’s head

Additional Content

Now you have successfully learned how to draw a dragon head! I hope you enjoyed the process and found the steps easy to follow. Additionally, I highly recommend downloading the available PDF file.

This resource includes a concise version of these instructions and provides additional training materials created to further train your drawing skills. Whether you are a beginner or looking to refine your technique, these extra materials will be incredibly valuable. Download the PDF to have these handy instructions and resources for future practice and improvement.

How to Draw a Dragon Head: Additional Techniques

Now that you’ve mastered drawing a dragon head, it’s time to learn four alternative methods to train your skills further. Each approach offers a unique perspective and style, boosting your versatility as an artist.

Alternative Method

This tutorial serves as an additional instruction to the first one, focusing on drawing an easy dragon face. In this instruction, we will look at a slightly different sequence of steps to study the whole process from a different point of view.

Start by sketching an oval for the head, adding a defined snout and jawline. Extend the neck with smooth lines. Draw the eyes, ensuring a fierce expression, and add the nostrils. Next, sketch large horns on top of the head and add smaller spikes along the neck.

Refine the facial features and spikes, ensuring everything is symmetrical. Finally, color the dragon head with shades of green and grey.

how to draw an easy dragon face step by step

Drawing a Dragon Head Easy

This tutorial provides an easier method to draw a dragon head. Start by sketching an oval for the head and a curve for the neck. Then draw the eye and nostril. Outline the mouth and add a small tooth.

Sketch a single horn on top of the head and add an ear-like shape behind it. Draw a series of spikes along the back of the neck. Add details to the neck with vertical lines. Finally, color your dragon head, using shades of red and yellow.

how to draw an easy dragon head step by step

Drawing a Dragon Face From the Front

This tutorial provides a simple process for drawing a dragon face from the front, perfect as an additional exercise to the previous dragon head tutorial.

Begin by sketching a rounded rectangle for the head. Add two circles for the eyes and a rounded rectangle for the snout with two small nostrils. Next, draw two horns at the top corners of the head. Add ears on each side of the head, just below the horns. Draw a series of triangular spikes down the center of the head.

Refine the spikes and ensure the proportions are balanced. Finally, color the dragon face, using shades of green for the head and light beige for the snout. This tutorial helps young artists practice drawing facial features symmetrically and boosts their ability to create cute, cartoonish characters.

how to draw a dragon face step by step

Drawing a Dragon Head From the 3/4 View

This tutorial provides an additional exercise by demonstrating how to draw a dragon face from a 3/4 view.

Start by sketching an oval shape for the head, positioning the eyes to show the 3/4 angle. Add eyebrow ridges and a small horns on the head. Incorporate the nostrils and outline the mouth, refining it with detailed teeth and jawline. Sketch the ears, carefully maintaining the perspective to add realism. Add spikes along the top of the head.

Finally, start coloring the dragon face with shades of green and beige. This tutorial helps young artists practice perspective, adds volume to their character drawing skills.

how to draw a simple dragon face step by step


In this tutorial, you learned how to draw a dragon head by breaking it down into simple shapes and focusing on key features like the snout, horns, and spikes. You practiced creating simplified and stylized creatures, adding texture, and using shading to create realism. Additionally, you learned various techniques to train your drawing skills further.

If you found this lesson interesting, be sure to check my other drawing tutorials on mythical creatures, such as drawing an alien head. For a more complex challenge, try making your drawing more interesting by adding an opponent using my tutorial on how to draw a knight.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, please share it with your friends and other artists. Don’t forget to subscribe to my social media for more drawing tutorials. Don’t forget to leave your comments with any wishes, questions, or suggestions you may have.

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