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How to Draw Horns

I have prepared a lesson for you in which you will learn how to draw horns. This simple lesson consists of only five steps.

horns drawing lesson
how to draw horns step by step

Today, I will show you how to draw horns step by step. I’m sure you’ve seen horns on many animals. Now you will learn how to draw them yourself with the help of this simple instruction.

Horns are bone tissue covered with wool or a stratum corneum, located on the head of animals and presented in the form of bulges and outgrowths. There are horns in various mammals.

The largest variety of horns in the world is found in artiodactyls. Thus, various kinds of antelopes, bulls, goats, rams, giraffes, cows, deer and other animals have horns.

Having learned how to draw horns with the help of this drawing lesson, you will be able to apply this skill in the future if you want to draw any artiodactyl animal whose horns look like in this instruction.

Even though this lesson is very simple, you should keep in mind one important recommendation: the pair of horns you will depict consists of two identical, symmetrically placed horns, so it is important for you to draw these horns similar to each other and even the same.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw Horns

  1. Draw the outer outline of one of the horns.

    Depict one long, curved line on the left side as shown.how to draw horns easy

  2. Add the outer outline of the second horn

    Now draw a line that is a mirror image of the previously drawn line.how to draw horns for kids

  3. Depict the inner contours of the horns.

    Connect the top and bottom points of the previously drawn lines with two symmetrical lines.how to draw horns for beginners

  4. Add details.

    On the surface of the horns, add many thin, curved lines as shown.how to draw horns for kindergarten

  5. Color the drawing.

    To color the horns, you can use brown.horns drawing lesson

Don’t forget to download the PDF I’ve prepared just for you so that you can keep a short version of this tutorial and additional useful resources to help you improve your artistic skills.

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