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How to Draw a Cute Animal

In this lesson I will tell you how to draw a cute animal. I tried to present this drawing in the form of simple steps with which you can draw this cat.

How to draw a Cute Animal for kids
How to draw a Cute Animal step by step

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a cute animal. We are talking about a cat because it is a really cute, affectionate, and beautiful animal that always lives with a person. The picture shows a small fluffy cat.

This work will be simple and any child or novice artist will easily draw a cat if he follows all the steps in sequence. The main thing in this cute animal drawing tutorial is to correctly draw the outline of the body, and you can do everything else easily, and it will not take much time.

As you can see, this cat looks unusual. The cat has an unrealistic color and eye color. You can use the colors that we recommend to you or get creative and choose the colors yourself.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Cute Animal

  1. Draw the outlines of the torso.

    Be careful at this stage and try to repeat it very accurately.Cute Animal drawing tutorial

  2. Draw the paws.

    Two front legs and one hind leg are visible here. The feet should be small.How to draw a funny Cute Animal

  3. Add the ears.

    The ears are shaped like triangles.How to draw a fluffy Cute Animal

  4. Draw the tail.

    To do this, draw two lines, which can be of arbitrary shape.How to draw a Cute Animal for painter

  5. Depict the eyes.

    Be careful at this stage and try to depict the shape of the eyes correctly.How to draw a Cute Animal quickly

  6. Portray the eyebrows, nose, and mouth.

    These elements are very simple. Try to position it correctly in the picture.How to draw a Cute Animal easy

  7. Add stripes on the tail and torso.

    These lines should be freeform. This is necessary in order to determine the outlines of the spots.How to draw a cartoon Cute Animal

  8. Draw spots on the torso and add three dots on both cheeks.

    These lines can also be of arbitrary shape.How to draw a simple Cute Animal

  9. Color the cat.

    Use brown for the torso and lighten the spots. Color the pupil in front of the eyes purple.How to draw a Cute Animal for kids

We hope you did a good job with this assignment. You have seen that drawing a cat is very simple and fun. Now you can draw this cute animal in any setting. Use the skills you learned in this lesson for your subsequent drawings.

You can use the PDF file that we have prepared specially for you. The file contains a short version of the cute animal drawing tutorial. Download the file and draw at any convenient time. Share information with your friends.

How to Draw a Cute Animal Step by Step

This lesson will require your ability to draw smooth, rounded lines. Be careful at every stage of drawing and try to draw the same lines as shown in the instructions. To paint the spots on the cat’s body, you can choose the same shade as in my example, or you can paint the cat in any other way.

how to draw a cute animal step by step

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