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How to Draw Groot

I’m here to guide you through an artistic journey where you’ll learn the secrets behind how to draw Groot. This beloved guardian of the galaxy may seem intricate with his wooden grooves and sprouts, but my method breaks it down into simple steps that anyone can follow, inviting artists of every level to bring Groot to life.

how to draw groot
how to draw groot step by step

How to Draw Groot: Basic Information

Today, I’m thrilled to unveil a tutorial crafted especially for you – a guide on how to draw Groot. This endearing character, with its textured bark-skin and sprouting branches, captures hearts with its unique blend of nature and animation. My method simplifies the complexity of Groot, making it accessible in a chibi style to all aspiring artists.

Drawing Groot is more than just mimicking shapes; it’s about embracing the whimsy of nature that this character embodies. I’ve designed this lesson to help you understand the subtle art of texture and the playfulness of Groot’s expressions. By following my technique, you’ll not only sketch but also connect with Groot’s lovable essence.

And now, as we reach the crescendo of this creative session, prepare to draw Groot with a touch of your own spirit. Your pencil will dance across the paper, infusing life into the wooden curves and enigmatic eyes of our beloved Groot. Through your art, Groot will not just stand there; it will almost seem to wave back at you from the canvas.

Groot Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Groot

  1. Draw the hero’s head and torso.

    Draw his head as an oval and his body as a curved line. His head is slightly bigger than his torso.how to draw groot step by step

  2. Add the top of the head.

    Depict the tree bark at the top of the tree-like character’s head.how to draw groot easy

  3. Draw Groot’s facial features.

    Add the character’s eyes as ovals, and draw his mouth with a short curved line.how to draw groot easy for kids

  4. Outline the hero’s legs.

    Picture them below the torso. Groot’s legs look thick and short.how to draw groot easy step by step

  5. Draw the hands.

    The character’s hands are down along the torso and are similar to each other.how to draw groot for kids easy

  6. Add decorative elements.

    Draw streaks on the head to represent the tree bark. Add branches and leaves around his body.groot drawing guide

  7. Depict the texture of the wood on Groot’s body.

    Use the curved lines to draw the tree bark pattern all over the character’s body.groot drawing tutorial

  8. Erase the auxiliary lines.

    Take an eraser and remove all unnecessary lines from your drawing.easy way ro draw groot

  9. Color the drawing.

    Use brown and green to paint Groot’s body. Color his eyes black, adding highlights.how to draw groot step by step easy

Drawing Tutorial

To complement our drawing journey, I’ve created a free PDF file for this lesson. It’s a concise version that you can download and use anytime, anywhere, even without internet access. This PDF isn’t a step-by-step guide; instead, it offers additional material designed to enhance your drawing skills after you’ve mastered the basic lesson.

This bonus PDF serves as your artistic companion, providing exercises and tips to refine your technique and style. It’s like having a personal sketchbook filled with prompts and challenges that encourage you to practice and improve at your own pace, ensuring that the learning doesn’t stop with just one drawing.

Make sure to take advantage of this resource; it’s tailored to help you evolve your skills from the foundational lessons to more advanced artwork. Whether you’re in a café or a park, you can bring Groot’s character to life over and over again, honing your abilities and adding depth to your drawings with every attempt.

Alternative Drawing Technique

To keep your pencils moving and your skills sharpening, I’ve also developed an alternate drawing technique for Groot. It’s crafted to push your creative boundaries and add another layer to your artistic prowess. By practicing this second style, you’ll train your hand to adapt to different textures and shapes, broadening your artistic vocabulary.

This additional method isn’t just a new way to draw Groot; it’s a path to discovering your own unique style. As you toggle between techniques, you’ll notice subtle nuances in your work, enhancing your ability to capture not just the likeness but the spirit of the subjects you choose.

I encourage you to delve into this supplementary technique with the same enthusiasm as the primary lesson. It’s designed not only to supplement your learning but also to challenge your perception of form and detail. With each iteration, you’ll see your rendition of Groot evolve, a true testament to your growing artistry.

How to Draw Groot: More Practice

To draw Groot in this five-step method, you’ll start with a simple head shape with a notched top and a body shape directly underneath it. These are the basic forms from which the character will emerge. Precision in these initial steps is not crucial; what matters is capturing the overall shapes.

Adding Groot’s features comes next: detailing the head with two large, circular eyes and a small, endearing smile. In the final step, the lines across Groot’s body are drawn to suggest his bark-like texture, and coloring brings your artwork to fruition.

This method is not about intricate details but about capturing the essence of Groot with a few well-placed lines and shades. It’s a technique that turns simple shapes into a character full of life and personality.

How to draw Groot step by step

Elevating Your Groot Drawing Skills

In wrapping up our tutorial, let’s reflect on the technical nuances that can elevate your rendition of Groot. These subtleties will fine-tune your skills and enrich the depth of your drawings.

  • Steady Lines: Ensure your hand is steady when drawing the outline; even the slightest wobble can alter Groot’s iconic shape.
  • Consistent Pressure: Apply even pressure to your pencil to maintain consistency in your line work, which is crucial for the overall harmony of the drawing.
  • Layering Texture: Build up the bark texture with layers of light shading before deepening the shadows, which adds a realistic touch to Groot’s appearance.
  • Subtle Curves: Use subtle curves instead of straight lines for the limbs to convey Groot’s organic nature.
  • Eye Placement: Position the eyes carefully to capture Groot’s expression and personality.
  • Refined Edges: Smooth out any rough edges around the character’s body to ensure a polished look.
  • Highlighting Depth: Add highlights and shadows to Groot’s body to give a three-dimensional effect and bring out the details.
  • Contrast in Coloring: Utilize contrast in your coloring to make your drawing pop, especially around the eyes and the textured details.

In the end, every stroke and shade you apply contributes to the animation of your drawing. Remember, the true beauty of art lies not just in the result but in the process of creation. By embracing these technical nuances, you are not only completing a drawing of Groot; you are also honing your artistic instincts for future projects.

From Pencil to Perfection: Groot Drawing FAQs

As we conclude this drawing session, you may find yourself pondering over certain aspects of the creative process. Here, I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to dispel any uncertainties and provide clarity on the finer points of rendering our botanical buddy, Groot.

  • How can I make my drawing of Groot look more three-dimensional? Practice shading techniques, such as hatching and cross-hatching, to build up volume and depth.
  • Is it okay to erase and correct my drawing? Absolutely. Erasing is a natural part of the drawing process. It’s better to correct mistakes as you notice them.
  • What should I focus on to capture Groot’s likeness? Pay attention to the distinctive patterns and lines that make up Groot’s wooden texture, and try to replicate those.
  • Can I add a background to my Groot drawing? A background can add context and depth. Consider a simple galaxy or forest backdrop to complement Groot.
  • How can I improve my drawing speed? Speed will naturally increase with practice. Focus on accuracy before speed, and with time, you’ll become faster.

In crafting these answers, I hope to have equipped you with the knowledge to proceed confidently in your artistic endeavors. The path of art is an exploration – each question you ask opens a door to new techniques and understanding. Keep these FAQs in your arsenal as you continue to draw and discover, allowing the wisdom contained within to guide you to your next masterpiece.


Capturing Groot’s essence might have been our focus today, but the realm of drawing offers endless exploration. On my website, you’ll find lessons on a myriad of subjects, from the rugged lines of a jeep to the sleek curves of a helmet. Each tutorial is a doorway to new skills and artistic adventures, waiting just for you.

To ensure you’re always in the loop with the latest creative journeys I embark on, follow my social media channels. Your engagement doesn’t have to end with the stroke of a pencil; leave your comments and suggestions for future lessons beneath this one. Your curiosity fuels our collective artistic exploration, guiding the creation of content that resonates and inspires.

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