How to Draw a Cow for Kids

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how to draw a cow face

how to draw a cow

In this drawing instruction about drawing animals, I will show you how to draw a cow for kids.

If you often visit the pages of, then most likely you know that I show how to draw different animals, people, characters in the simplest possible way.

And this animal will also be depicted in the simplest possible way. I decided to choose the classic black and white cow, which is often seen in various cartoons and chocolate candy covers.

Step 1

Start drawing a cow by depicting the head and torso using simple lines.

how to draw an easy cow

Step 2

Now depict the legs at the bottom using simple lines. The legs should look like pillars.

how to draw a cartoon cow

Step 3

Divide the head and nose using an arched line. Next, draw the eyes as circles.

how to draw a realistic cow

Step 4

Draw horns at the top of the cow head. Draw round nostrils at the bottom.

how to draw a cow easy

Step 5

Draw ears below the horns, which are very similar to the leaves of a tree.

how to draw cow

Step 6

Now go to the legs and depict the hooves. Keep in mind that cows are cloven-hoofed animals.

how to draw a cow head

Step 7

In the rear of the body and depict a long tail with a bun at the tip.

how to draw a cow face

Step 8

Erase all the construction lines, and give the cow drawing a more finished look.

how to draw a cow face

Step 9

Color the cow using dark gray, orange, pink, and black colors. Don’t forget to leave highlights in the eyes.

how to draw a cow face

I hope this instruction on how to draw a cow for kids was really easy. If you want to learn how to draw other animals, then go to the category called Animals to learn how to depict other animals, for example, a chicken or a rabbit.

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