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How to Draw a Puppy

In this really simple and cute drawing tutorial for kids, I will show you how to draw a puppy step by step.

According to the tradition that has developed on my website, on this page you will find several step-by-step lessons in drawing a puppy, as well as additional PDF materials for each of them.

How to draw a Puppy for kids
How to draw a Puppy step by step

Basic Information on How to Draw a Puppy

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a puppy. Here is a side view. This puppy looks very cute and funny. The puppy has a contrasting color, in which there are white and dark colors. It is difficult to say what breed of dog is represented here, because the puppy is very small and, moreover, it is a cartoon drawing. It looks very much like a Cocker Spaniel puppy. The main features of this breed are long drooping ears and a wavy coat.

Pay attention to what features the puppies have. The most important thing is body proportions. All puppies have large heads and short legs. Also, puppies have a small, almost flat nose, which will take on a completely different shape as they grow up.

This puppy has a wavy coat. It is not necessary to exactly follow the contour of the fur, you can make more arbitrary lines. In this lesson, focus on body proportions.

Memorize the sequence of the puppy drawing tutorial and then you will apply the acquired skills in your drawings.

So let’s get down to drawing.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw a Puppy

Time needed: 18 minutes

How to Draw a Puppy

  1. Draw the outline of the head.

    Use a smooth line in the same shape as in the example.Puppy drawing tutorial

  2. Draw the ear and the outlines of the torso.

    To do this, draw some smooth wavy lines.How to draw a simple Puppy

  3. Depict the paws.

    Using smooth, rounded lines, draw four short legs.How to draw a cartoon Puppy

  4. Draw the tail and detail the color.

    Add the small tail with a wavy line. Use smooth lines to mark the borders of a different color.How to draw a Puppy quickly

  5. Depict the muzzle.

    Draw the eyes, nose, mouth, as well as an additional element on the neck, and eyebrows.How to draw a Puppy easy

  6. Color the puppy.

    Use brown and dark gray for coloring.How to draw a Puppy for kids

Now you have learned the puppy drawing tutorial. You can add shadows and texture to make your drawing more interesting. For example, you can depict the texture of the wool in more detail.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and enjoyed your time and learned something new along the way. Write your impressions of this lesson in the comments. I will be guided by your opinion when creating new drawings.

Download the PDF version of the tutorial that I have prepared for you. Thus, you can complete the drawing lesson at any convenient time.

Additional Puppy Drawing Techniques

To deepen your knowledge and learn how to draw a puppy even better, I have prepared some additional instructions for you. Each of them will help you look at the process of sketching a a little dog from a new angle.

Easy Puppy Drawing Tutorial

Here I decided to divide the entire drawing lesson into 9 steps to show you each aspect of the drawing in more detail.

Here you can see a more detailed, but more academic way of drawing a dog. First sketch the basic shapes, then add details following the steps in the instructions.

how to draw an easy puppy step by step

Sitting Puppy Drawing Instruction

Here you can see that the puppy is sitting and looking at you. The lesson will also consist of 9 stages, and each stage will be as simple as possible.

First sketch the outlines of the torso and head, then the details of the face and ears. After this, sketch the limbs and color the drawn puppy.

Simple Puppy Drawing Tutorial

The drawing is made in cartoon style and the puppy looks very funny. Pay attention to body proportions. The puppy has a big head, small ears and short legs. The puppy is very fluffy, and its body has a rounded shape.

Try to correctly depict all parts of the body, draw the same lines as in the instructions, be careful and attentive at every step.

how to draw a simple puppy step by step

How to Draw a Cute Puppy

In the picture, the puppy is shown in a sitting position, the puppy has kind eyes and you can see that he sticks out his tongue. It looks very cute and funny.

Unlike the previous instructions where there was a sitting dog, here you will need to draw not starting with basic circles, and depict the details of the puppy line by line.

how to draw a cute puppy step by step


You have finally reached the conclusion of the puppy drawing lesson. Did you complete all the instructions, and if so, what did they teach you?

Write about it in the comments to this article, and don’t forget to subscribe to me on sites such as Pinterest and YouTube.

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