How to Draw a Husky Face

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How can you remain indifferent when you look at the adorable muzzle of a husky? In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw a husky face.

How to draw a Husky face for kids
How to draw a Husky face step by step

Dear friends, I welcome you to a new interesting drawing tutorial. You already have some skills in drawing dogs and in this lesson, you will gain new knowledge that will definitely come in handy in the future. Now I will show you how to draw a husky face. This lesson will be useful and interesting for those who like dogs of this breed and who want to learn how to draw this animal in more detail.

If you’ve noticed, a husky dog ​​looks a lot like a wolf. Scientists believe that the ancient ancestors of the husky were the descendants of true wolves.

A husky face consists of simple elements, and you can easily follow this tutorial. As it was written earlier, the husky dog ​​has thick fur, so you need to show this in the picture. To this end, on the sides of the muzzle, it is necessary to draw the texture of the fur in more detail. The dog has small eyes and triangular ears.

The lesson consists of a few simple steps, and any aspiring artist can easily cope with this task. Follow all the steps in this guide sequentially and use my prompts. So let’s get to work.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 17 minutes.

How to Draw a Husky Face

  1. Draw the head.

    Use jagged lines to create fur texture on the sides.Husky face drawing tutorial

  2. Draw the ears.

    The ears are triangular in shape and directed upwards.How to draw a Husky face quickly

  3. Detail the color.

    Using jagged lines, sketch out the front of the muzzle where the color of the fur is different.How to draw a Husky face easy

  4. Add the elements of the face.

    Depict small eyes, nose, and mouth on the face.How to draw a cartoon Husky face

  5. Color the dog’s face.

    Use different shades of gray. Add highlights to the eyes and nose.How to draw a Husky face for kids

Now you have mastered the next lesson in drawing animals. Was this drawing tutorial helpful to you? What emotions did you experience while drawing this character? I hope you enjoyed your time and are now happy with the result. Share your impressions in the comments. And at the same time write what other characters you would like to draw.

Especially for your convenience, I have prepared a PDF version of the husky face drawing tutorial. This file contains drawing steps and other useful tools. Download the file and draw your favorite characters in any free time.

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