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How to Draw a Wolf

In this drawing tutorial, I will show you how to draw a wolf – the animal most often found in fairy tales and other works of art.

In addition, you could often see wolves in cartoons. In this tutorial I will show you just the cartoon style of drawing a wolf with the help of several step by step drawing lessons.

how to draw a wolf
How to draw a wolf step by step

Table of Contents

Basic Information on How to Draw a Wolf

This lesson on how to draw a wolf will be useful not only for those who want to portray this animal but also for those who want to depict a dog or a fox. All these animals are drawn in a very similar way.

The entire instruction consists of eight really simple stages. Each stage consists of simple lines and geometric shapes. At the very end, you will need coloring tools.

Wolves are most often gray, white, or light brown. If you decide to turn your drawing of a wolf into a fox, then just color this beautiful animal orange.

To draw a wolf, you will need a pencil or marker, as well as a sheet of paper. At the very end of the work, you can use a set of paints, colored pencils, or markers for coloring.

So let’s get down to the tutorial and create a real work of art!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw a Wolf

Time needed: 1 day and 30 minutes

How to Draw a Wolf

  1. Sketch the outlines of the head.

    First sketch out the muzzle of the wolf, then the back of the head. As you can see, the wolf’s short nose makes him look cuter.
    drawing lessons

  2. Draw the ears and torso.

    First sketch out the triangular ears, then the torso in the shape of a simple oval. To create a more cartoonish look, the wolf’s torso should be slightly smaller than the head, or about the same size.
    sketch a wolf

  3. Add some details.

    Detail the wolf drawing by adding some hair under the chin. To give your hair a more realistic look, try to sketch lines in different directions.
    wolf drawing

  4. Draw the near limbs.

    First depict the outlines of the legs, then the rounded paws. The legs should be small and plump to complement the overall look of the wolf.
    drawing a worf

  5. Draw the distant limbs.

    As you can see, these legs are partially overlapped by the ones drawn in the previous stage. If you draw these legs correctly, you will create additional volume in your wolf drawing.
    how to draw a wolf for kids

  6. Draw the face and tail.

    Depict the eyes, nose, mouth, and mouth. Draw the pattern on the face and ear. Draw the tail with two lines. At the end of the tail, draw fur lines.
    how to draw a wolf step by step

  7. Erase the guidelines.

    After erasing all the construction lines, trace and darken your wolf drawing. The lines of the entire artwork should be clear and contrasting.
    how to draw a wolf easy

  8. Color the wolf drawing.

    As I said above, you can color your wolf gray, white, or light brown. By adding some shadows and hair texture, you can give your wolf a more voluminous look. You can also draw some additional elements in the picture. For example, the background or other animals nearby.
    how to draw a wolf

Additional Content

So, was this wolf drawing lesson interesting and useful for you or your children? If so, don’t forget to download the PDF version of this tutorial. This small file contains the steps to this simple drawing lesson, as well as additional materials to help you delve deeper into the topic.

Additional Techniques to Draw a Wolf

Now let’s try to delve deeper into the process of portraiting this forest animal. First we’ll try to draw a simple version but in a different way, then we’ll try to learn the process of drawing a more realistic wolf.

Simple Wolf Drawing Instruction

This method of drawing a wolf is a little different from what was presented at the beginning of this page. Here we will start with simple circles and ovals, then move on to the details. This method will be easier for many, because using it will make it easier to maintain proportions throughout the entire drawing process.

simple wolf drawing tutorial

Realistic Wolf Drawing Instruction

With this lesson, you will first draw the features of the face of the wolf, then the outline of his head, and then the outline of the torso of the realistic wolf. Follow carefully the instructions I suggested so that you get a beautiful drawing of a realistic wolf.

I am sure that the skills you have gained in this Instruction will definitely come in handy if you want to draw any other realistic animal, or a realistic wolf along with some kind of landscape.

To make the finished drawing look more realistic, do not forget to add highlights, darkening or, conversely, brightening certain areas of the wolf’s body. Also, if desired, you can add lines of wolf fur.

realistic wolf drawing tutorial


This lesson showed you how to draw a wolf in three different ways. Each method has its own characteristics, and I hope that you have tried them all and figured out which one suits you best.

If you want to learn how to draw other living creatures, then visit the category called Animals, and try to portray, for example, a cat or a sheep.

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