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How to Draw a Pointing Finger

Ready for a hands-on drawing lesson? I’m excited to guide you through two simple ways to learn how draw a pointing finger, tailored just for young, aspiring artists. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to bring your drawings to life with expressive detail!

Drawing time is fun time, especially when I teach you how to draw a pointing finger! With two straightforward and child-friendly methods, you’ll be pointing out details in your drawings like a pro. It’s a great way to add action and point out the fun in your art.

cartoon pointing finger drawing
how to draw a pointing finger step by step

How to Draw a Pointing Finger: Basic Information

Get ready to point your pencils to the paper as we learn how to draw a pointing finger. This skill is great for giving your characters direction and expression. With my easy guide, you’ll be an expert in hand gestures by the end of our lesson.

Look closely at each step, where we shape the hand and the finger to point just right. We’ll begin with the base of the hand, outline the thumb and fingers, and after that add details to bring the hand to life. It’s all about the angles and curves that make hands so expressive.

Let’s get ready to point out some fun with our drawings. By following my straightforward approach to draw a pointing finger, you’ll be adding dynamic hands to your characters in no time. Let’s make your drawings stand out with this new, handy skill!

Pointing Finger Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Pointing Finger

  1. Draw the palm.

    Begin your drawing with a simple geometric shape that will form the base of the hand and the thumb. Draw an irregular quadrilateral that slightly resembles a trapezoid with rounded corners.how to draw a pointing finger easy

  2. Depict the wrist.

    To depict the wrist, draw two straight lines extending down from the base shape you created for the hand. These lines should converge slightly as they move away from the hand.how to draw a 3d pointing finger

  3. Add the thumb.

    Now it’s time to add the thumb. From the top left corner of your base shape, draw a curved line that extends out and then curves back in to create the thumb’s pad.how to draw a pointing finger side view

  4. Sketch out the pointing finger.

    Sketch out the pointing finger starting from the upper right side of the base shape. Begin with a straight line to indicate the side of the finger, then draw a slightly curved line to represent the top of the finger.how to draw a pointing finger for kids

  5. Draw the rest of the fingers.

    Depict the fingers as folded or bent to enhance the pointing gesture’s intention. For each finger, use a combination of curved and straight lines to suggest the segments of the fingers tucked into the palm.how to draw a pointing finger for beginners

  6. Depict the nails.

    Now focus on depicting the nails. On the thumb and each visible segment of the folded fingers, draw small ovals or rounded rectangles to represent the nails.how to draw a pointing finger for kindergarten

  7. Add the folds of the skin.

    Finally, add the folds of the skin, which will give your hand drawing character and realism. Around the knuckles, draw fine lines to show where the skin creases as the fingers bend.simple pointing finger drawing

  8. Correct inaccuracies.

    Now, we can correct the mistakes. Also, further refine the outlines and creases of the hand, fingers, and fingernails, smoothing out any remaining rough edges from earlier steps.easy pointing finger drawing

  9. Color the drawing.

    Complete your drawing by finalizing all details and adding any necessary shading to give the hand volume and depth.cartoon pointing finger drawing

Additional Content

Attention all young sketchers! I know how much you love to draw, so I’ve created a special treat for you—a free PDF file of my pointing finger drawing lesson.This isn’t just any lesson; it’s a compact version that’s super easy to follow.

Download it now and you’ll have the perfect art companion for those times when the internet is just a distant memory. Whether you’re on a family road trip or at a park, this PDF will be your trusty guide to keep practicing your art skills.

Alternative Drawing Method

Ready for a fresh challenge? I’ve created a unique alternative technique for drawing a pointing finger, perfect for those of you eager to advance your skills. Embrace this new approach and enjoy the satisfaction of improving your artistic talents with every sketch.

How to Draw a Cartoon Pointing Finger

This drawing method is a cartoonish version of a hand, which is simpler and more stylized compared to the first, more realistic approach. The process starts with basic shapes and lines to form the hand and finger, with each step adding just enough detail to maintain the cartoon-like feel while still suggesting a lifelike posture.

how to draw a pointing finger step by step

Pointing the Way: Fun Drawing Tips for Kids

You’ve just finished drawing a pointing finger, and I bet it looks awesome. Drawing can be full of surprises, so here are some tips and tricks to make your next finger-pointing masterpiece even better:

  • Take It Slow: Don’t rush your lines. Slow and steady helps make your drawing sharp and clear.
  • Look at Your Own Hand: Point with your own finger and try to copy what you see.
  • Press Lightly with Your Pencil: Start with light strokes. You can always make them darker later.
  • Check the Proportions: Make sure the length of the finger and the size of the hand look right together.
  • Smooth Curves: For the folds on the palm, draw smooth, curved lines where the skin bunches up as the finger points.

The more you draw, the better you’ll get! So keep these tips in mind, grab your pencils, and keep creating. Before you know it, you’ll be pointing the way to great art with confidence.


Fantastic work on nailing the pointing finger artwork! If you’ve enjoyed this, you’re going to love the other lessons I have on my website. Why not try drawing the cute Hello Kitty next, or waddle your way into sketching a charming penguin?

There’s so much more to create and explore, so make sure to follow me on social media to catch all the latest updates and new lessons. Your art journey is just getting started, and I can’t wait to see what you’ll draw next!

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