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How to Draw a Cow

Let’s draw some friendly cows together! I’ve put together four playful methods to show you how to draw a cow, each one perfect for kids and beginners. We’ll have a great time learning, drawing, and creating. Don’t miss out on the fun, little artists!

Let’s draw a cow in four fun ways! Designed with young artists in mind, this tutorial breaks down the drawing process into simple, manageable parts. By the end, you’ll have a gallery of cows to show off and be proud of.

 cow drawing tutorial
how to draw an easy cow step by step

How to Draw a Cow: Basic Information

Welcome, young artists, to my how to draw a cow lesson! Today, we’re going to moo-ve through some fun and easy steps that will turn simple circles and ovals into an adorable cow. This cow comes to life with big, friendly eyes and a cute snout, starting with basic shapes that anyone can depict.

By the end, you’ll have a charming farm friend on your paper.In the middle steps, we add personality to our cow with ears that peek out and a body that’s round and cozy. It’s all about transforming basic shapes into a lovable character, reinforcing the basics of form and space.

When you draw a cow following this lesson, you’ll not only learn to create a cute animal but also practice essential drawing skills. So grab your pencils, and let’s make your artwork amazing!

Cow Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Cow

  1. Draw the head and torso.

    Begin by drawing a large oval horizontally for the cow’s body. On the left side, slightly overlapping the body, sketch a smaller circle for the head, establishing the basic proportions of the cow.how to draw a cow step by step for beginners

  2. Depict the front of the muzzle.

    Inside the head circle, draw two small ovals for the nostrils. Than, add a curved line below the nostrils to indicate the lower part of the face.cartoon how to draw a cow

  3. Add the eyes and horns.

    On middle of the head, add two small eyes protruding outwards and two tiny ovals for the horns on the top. This step starts to give character to the cow’s face, making it recognizable.how to draw a cow sitting down

  4. Sketch out the ears.

    Unlike many other drawing lessons, here I suggest immediately drawing the outer and inner contours of the ears. In fact, to form the pinna, you just need to add an arch inside the outline of the ear.how to draw a cow easily

  5. Draw the front legs.

    So now we can work on the front legs of the cow. Draw a couple of rounded shapes that taper slightly at the bottom. After that, add the outlines of the hooves.how to draw a cute cow easy

  6. Depict the back leg.

    Sketch the hind leg with a slight curve to show perspective. Add the hoove similar to the front. Due to the peculiarities of the angle, we cannot see the second hind leg, which is hidden by the body.how to draw a cow for kindergarten

  7. Add the tail and udder.

    The tail and udder are indispensable attributes of a cow. These are small details without which your cow drawing will look strange and unfinished. By the way, both of these parts intersect with the back leg.how to draw a cow for beginners

  8. Correct inaccuracies.

    Outline the entire cow neatly, ensuring all parts are well-defined and cohesive. This step is about cleaning up the drawing and preparing it for the final stage of coloring.cow drawing lesson

  9. Color the drawing.

    Color your cow with shades of pink for the snout and inner ears, a light brown or tan for the body, and darker patches to complete the classic cow pattern. This brings your drawing to life.cow drawing tutorial

Additional Content

I’m so excited to offer my young artists a special gift: a comprehensive, free PDF file of our cow drawing lesson! This version is short and sweet, making it super easy to follow along.

Best of all, once downloaded, it’s yours to keep and use, even without an internet connection. Perfect for quiet afternoons or when you’re on the move, this PDF ensures the art never has to pause, no matter where you are!

Alternative Drawing Methods

Not only do we have our step-by-step guide, but I’ve also put together several alternative cow drawing techniques for you to practice and improve your skills. So, these methods add fun and variety to your learning experience, helping you become a more versatile artist.

How to Draw a Spotted Cow

This drawing method employs the same user-friendly, step-by-step technique as the first, designed for beginners and young artists. The approach guides you through creating a cartoonish, spotted cow, starting with basic shapes for the head and body, and progressively adding details like eyes, ears, and spots.

The simplicity of the method encourages confidence in drawing, while the added detail of spots brings a playful complexity to the character without overwhelming the young artist.

how to draw an easy cow step by step

Improving Spotted Cow Drawing Skills

Now, I’m showing you a new sequence of steps to enhance your ability to depict a spotted cow. This alternative approach aims to build your drawing skills step by step, leading to a delightful and complete spotted cow illustration.

how to draw a cow

How to Draw a Cow for Kindergarten

The drawing method depicted here is a simple, child-friendly approach designed for kindergarten students. It consists of only five steps, guiding young learners through the process of drawing a cartoonish cow.

Starting with basic shapes for the body and head, the method gradually adds details like horns, ears, eyes, and tail, culminating in a fully-formed cow. The steps are clear and manageable, making it a perfect introduction to drawing animals for little ones.

How to draw a cow step by step


You’ve done it! Your cow drawing is complete, and what a masterpiece it is! But don’t stop there; I’ve got a whole barnyard of lessons waiting for you. So, visit my website to find step-by-step guides on everything from drawing an adorable puppy to crafting the perfect leaf. Each lesson is designed to build your skills and confidence.

And, for a daily dose of inspiration, be sure to follow me on social media. You’ll join a community of budding artists just like you, plus you’ll be the first to know about exciting new content. So grab your pencils, and let’s keep drawing our dreams into reality!

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