How to Draw Skis

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With the help of this lesson you will learn how to draw skis. In just eight steps, you will learn how to draw popular sports equipment.

skis drawing tutorial
how to draw skis step by step

I invite all beginner artists to a fascinating lesson in which I will show you how to draw skis step by step. This lesson will be very useful for you, as you will once again practice drawing straight lines and drawing the same objects.

Skis are a handy tool for getting around in the snow. Skis are long flat runners with curved ends. Also, two sticks with sharp ends are used to move, which help to maintain balance and speed up movement.

All steps in the instructions are very simple, so you can easily draw this sports equipment. So grab your art supplies and get down to some fun creative work.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Skis

  1. Draw the outlines of the skis.

    Sketch out four straight vertical lines in to draw skis easy

  2. Depict the ends of the skis on one side.

    Draw curved connecting lines across the top of the to draw skis crossed

  3. Add the ends of the skis on the other side.

    Repeat the previous step and draw curved connecting lines at the bottom of the to draw skis with pencil

  4. Depict the mount.

    Draw several semicircular lines in the middle of each to draw simple skis

  5. Draw the main parts of the sticks.

    Depict the long thin sticks near the skis using straight to draw snow skis

  6. Detail the sticks.

    On the sticks, add the handles and lower to draw cartoon skis

  7. Correct inaccuracies.

    Look at the drawing and if you notice any mistakes, correct them at this stage.skis drawing lesson

  8. Color the drawing.

    You will need different shades of gray and beige.skis drawing tutorial

The lesson is over, and now you have learned how to draw skis. Leave your comment, so I know if you enjoyed this tutorial. Don’t forget to download the PDF file, which contains a short version of this tutorial and additional helpful resources.

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