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How to Draw Skis

My guide on how to draw skis step-by-step is perfect for kids, offering fun and easy instructions to create your own skis on a paper.

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how to draw skis step by step

How to Draw Skis: Basic Information

Drawing the base lines of the skis helps improve control over straight lines and symmetry. Mastering line control is foundational, as it allows artists to create clean and precise lines, which are essential for professional-looking art. Consistent practice with straight lines also helps in developing a steady hand and better hand-eye coordination.

Adding the rounded tips teaches how to smoothly transition from straight to curved lines, enhancing the versatility of your line work. Curved lines are vital in depicting natural forms. Learning to blend straight and curved lines seamlessly is really important for any artist.

Drawing the bindings symmetrically on each ski emphasizes the importance of symmetry, which is a critical aspect of aesthetically pleasing art. Symmetry plays a significant role in creating balance and harmony within a piece of art.

Skis have a specific design and structure. Drawing them provides insight into the principles of equipment design, encouraging young artists to think about how form and function work together in creating objects.

We’ll draw skis with smooth, straight lines for the body, add the essential bindings to snap your boots in, and then color them with the coolest shades for that personalized touch. But that’s not all – we’ll also add a pair of ski poles, crucial for balance and speed, giving them a sleek design that matches your skis.

And don’t worry, I’ve made sure this drawing journey is as smooth as gliding on fresh powder, so everyone can enjoy and succeed. With your skis and poles ready, you’ll almost feel the crisp mountain air as you swoosh down the hills of your imagination.

Skis Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Skis

  1. Draw the outlines of the skis.

    Start by drawing the base lines for the skis. Create four parallel vertical lines side by side. These lines will form the main structure of your skis. The two lines on the left will further create the outline of the left ski and the two lines on the right will form the right ski.Draw the outlines of the skis

  2. Illustrate the ends of the skis at the top.

    Next, draw the rounded tips at the top of the skis. Curve the top ends of each vertical line inward to meet each other, forming a smooth, rounded edge. This rounded tip is characteristic of skis and helps differentiate them from other types of equipment.Illustrate the ends of the skis at the top

  3. Add the ends of the skis at the bottom.

    Now, complete the skis by drawing the bottom ends. Connect the bottom of each pair of lines with a small horizontal line to close off the skis. This will give the skis a defined start and end point, ensuring they look realistic and complete.Add the ends of the skis at the bottom

  4. Illustrate the mounts.

    Add the bindings in the middle of each ski. Draw small curved lines on each ski. These ovals represent the bindings, which are essential for attaching the ski boots to the skis. Make sure they are positioned symmetrically to maintain balance.Illustrate the mounts

  5. Draw the main parts of the poles.

    Now, draw the ski poles crossing each other besides the skis. Start from the top, drawing two long, thin lines that intersect two other long thin lines in the middle. The lines should be straight and the distance between the edges of the poles should be the same throughout.Draw the main parts of the poles

  6. Detail the poles.

    Enhance the ski poles by adding handles at the top and tips at the bottom. For the handles, draw small, horizontal lines at the top ends of the poles. For the tips, draw small, triangular shapes at the bottom ends of the poles. These details make the poles look more realistic and functional.Detail the poles

  7. Erase the guidelines and review the sketch.

    Refine your drawing by tracing over the outlines of the skis and poles with a darker pencil or pen. Erase any unnecessary or overlapping lines to clean up your skis drawing. Pay attention to the edges, curves, and details to ensure everything looks smooth and polished.Erase the guidelines and review the sketch

  8. Color the skis drawing.

    Choose colors for the skis, bindings, and poles that you like. Typically, skis can be any color, so feel free to get creative. Color the bindings and poles in contrasting shades to make them stand out. Ensure the colors are applied evenly and within the lines for a neat finish.Color the skis drawing

Additional Content

I’ve crafted a free PDF file just for you! This nifty guide is packed with all the tips and steps you need to draw the perfect skis. You can download it for free and use it anytime, anywhere – no internet needed.

Whether you are at home or somewhere outside, this PDF is your go-to resource for drawing some cool winter gear. So, grab your copy, and let’s make some art!

Skis Drawings in Art Projects

This tutorial on drawing skis can be a fantastic addition to your next art project. Here are ten ways to integrate this guide into your creative work:

  • Create a series of drawings showcasing various winter sports equipment. Start with skis, and then add other equipment like ski boots, ski poles, and snowboards. Highlight the unique features of each item to educate your audience about winter sports gear.
  • Use the skis drawing as part of an illustrated storybook about skiing. Detail the story of a skier, incorporating scenes where the skis are prominently featured, like navigating through snowy mountains or resting against a ski lodge.
  • Create a winter sports-themed wall art collage. Start with your skis drawing as the focal point and surround it with related items like ski poles, ski lifts, and snowflakes. Use different art mediums, like watercolor or mixed media, to bring texture and variety to your collage.
  • Develop an educational poster about skiing and winter sports. Include your skis drawing and add labels explaining the parts of the skis, such as the tips, bindings, and tails. Provide interesting facts about the history and evolution of skis.

How to Draw Skis: FAQ

To help you refine your skills and answer any questions you might have, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. This section covers common queries, tips for improving your drawing, and suggestions for expanding your artistic projects. Whether you’re looking to improve your technique or seeking new ways to use your drawing, these FAQs provide valuable insights to guide you.

How can I make my skis drawing more detailed?

To add more detail to your drawing, consider adding shadows and highlights to give the skis a three-dimensional appearance. You can also include textures to show the material of the skis, such as wood grain or glossy finishes. Adding elements like snowflakes, winter trees, ski tracks, or a background scene with mountains and trees can improve the overall composition.

What if my drawing doesn’t look like the example?

That’s perfectly okay! Each artist has a unique style, and your drawing doesn’t have to look exactly like the example. Use the tutorial as a guide, but feel free to add your own creative touches. The goal is to practice and improve your skills, so enjoy the process and learn from it.

What are some other subjects I can draw using similar techniques?

Using the techniques learned in this tutorial, you can draw other sports equipment like snowboards or even hockey sticks. You can also apply these techniques to non-sports items that require attention to detail and symmetry, such as musical instruments, vehicles, or architecture.

What are some common mistakes to avoid while drawing skis?

Common mistakes include not maintaining symmetry between the two skis, uneven lines, and disproportionate bindings. Using a ruler for straight lines and regularly comparing both skis can help avoid these issues. Another mistake is neglecting the curves at the ski tips and tails; ensure these curves are smooth and identical for both skis.


And just like that, we’ve reached the end of our skis drawing tutorial! You’ve laid down some great lines and created a winter wonder on paper.

If you’re still feeling the winter vibes, why not try your hand at drawing a snowman? Or, if you’re in the mood for more chilly charm, check out the winter coloring pages available.

If you enjoyed this tutorial, please share it with your friends! Don’t forget to subscribe to my social media for more fun and easy drawing guides. Leave your comments with any wishes, questions, or suggestions. Your feedback helps me create better content for everyone.

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