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How to Draw a Snowflake

Dive into my engaging lesson on how to draw a snowflake, where every step unfolds the secrets of creating the perfect winter symbol. Great for kids and beginners, this guide promises a flurry of drawing excitement.

Master the art of creating delicate snowflakes with our step-by-step drawing lesson. This easy guide is perfect for kids and beginners wanting to learn how to draw a snowflake and add a personal touch to winter crafts.

easy snowflake drawing lesson
how to draw an easy snowflake step by step

How to Draw a Snowflake: Basic Information

Step into the world of winter wonder with me as we learn how to draw a snowflake together, each one as unique as you are! I’m here to guide you through a magical method that makes drawing a snowflake as easy as pie. Our adventure will leave you with not just a picture, but a new way to create a flurry of snowflakes anytime you wish.

Let’s start with a simple cross. Here’s where our snowflake begins to take form, with lines that intersect just like the intricate arms of a real snowflake. This is the first step in understanding the symmetry that’s essential when you draw a snowflake. Watch as our snowflake grows from this simple shape, expanding into a stunning pattern.

As we continue to draw a snowflake, adding V-shaped lines and connecting arcs, you’ll see your very own design emerge. This isn’t just about drawing; it’s about learning the art of symmetry and the joy of creating something that’s both scientific and beautiful. So grab your tools, and let’s draw a snowflake!

Snowflake Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Snowflake

  1. Draw the base.

    Start by sketching three evenly spaced straight lines intersecting at the center to form a six-pointed star. This symmetry is essential for the classic snowflake pattern we aim to achieve.how to draw a snowflake easy

  2. Add thickness to the rays.

    Draw two parallel lines close to one of the six radial lines of your star to create a thicker, more pronounced beam, enhancing the drawing dimensional appearance.how to draw a snowflake simple

  3. Depict the thickness to the next rays.

    Continue enhancing your drawing by adding two additional parallel lines adjacent to another beam, mirroring the placement of the first set to establish symmetry and intricacy in your design.how to draw a snowflake art hub

  4. Add thickness to the rest of the rays.

    To build on the structure, add another set of parallel lines across each arm, ensuring they are evenly spaced and extend beyond the intersecting center, further defining the unique pattern.how to draw a big snowflake

  5. Sketch out the ends of the rays.

    Enhance the ends of each arm of your f by sketching short diagonal lines to form pointed tips. This creates a more intricate and realistic ice crystal pattern.how to draw a basic snowflake

  6. Start drawing outgrowths on the rays.

    For each arm of your snowflake, draw gentle, curved lines to add an elegant bend, ensuring each one mirrors the other to maintain the symmetrical beauty. how to draw a snowflake cartoon

  7. Add the thickness of the shoots.

    Carefully draw a set of parallel lines alongside each extension of your winter crystal. These lines will represent the unique thickness of each branch, giving depth and character to your artwork. how to draw an easy snowflake for kids

  8. Draw the ends of the processes.

    Add angled lines at the ends of each arm to create the intricate edges. These short strokes will form the delicate points, capturing the essence of the unique pattern. how to draw an easy snowflake for beginners

  9. Color the snowflake drawing.

    Eliminate any unnecessary lines from the snowflake drawing and fill in the design with a soft light blue shade. Ensure the snowflake symmetry is maintained, reflecting the natural beauty of an ice crystal.easy snowflake drawing lesson

Additional Content

I’ve prepared a PDF file containing a concise version of this drawing , which, importantly, is available for free. Furthermore, once you download this file, you’ll have the advantage of being able to draw even when offline. This accessibility ensures that you can enjoy drawing at any time, regardless of internet connectivity.

Another Method of the Snowflake Drawing

Guess what? I’ve designed a cool alternative method to draw snowflake just for you. This fresh, exciting approach will help you practice more and boost your artistic skills. It’s a new twist on our frosty friends, and it’s going to make your artwork shine even brighter.

How to Draw an Easy Snowflake

So, this drawing method is a step-by-step process that begins with drawing a simple circle. Next, you create a smaller circle inside it, and then another one even smaller. After that, you divide the main circle into equal segments using straight lines that cross the center, creating a star-like shape.

Each segment is then detailed with additional lines and shapes, progressively building up the complexity of the winter crystal. Thus, as you move through the steps, the design evolves from simple geometric shapes to a more intricate pattern. The final step is to add a touch of color, giving life to the snowflake with shades of blue.


Common Mistakes

So, creating these delicate winter crystals can be a delightful artistic venture, yet it’s easy to make a few slips that might go unnoticed. To help your artwork sparkle, here’s what to watch out for:

  • Not Using a Reference Point: Always start with a center point to ensure your lines are evenly spaced.
  • Uneven Spacing: The branches of your snowflake should be equally spaced to maintain symmetry.
  • Lines Not Crossing at the Center: Make sure all lines intersect at the center point for a balanced look.
  • Varying Line Thickness: Try to keep the thickness of your lines consistent.
  • Overcomplicating the Design: Keep it simple; too many details can make your drawing look cluttered.
  • Ignoring Proportions: The size of the inner shapes should be proportionate to the outer lines.

Paying attention to these nuances will ensure your wintry designs turn out beautifully every time. Remember, a little extra care goes a long way in art!


And that’s a wrap, my snowy friends! But don’t stop there—there’s a whole blizzard of fun waiting on my website!

So, slide on over and check out my jolly Santa Claus or the cheerful snowman drawing lessons to get you into the merry winter vibe. And hey, if you want to be the first to catch the sleigh ride to new lessons, follow me on social media! So, let’s stay connected and keep our pencils dancing across the paper. Onward to our next art adventure!

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