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How to Draw Eyelashes

Today I will tell you about how to draw eyelashes. You may quite rarely see a separate lesson about this. However, we prefer a fundamental approach. We made not only a basic lesson about eyelashes, but also a small addition to it.

eyelashes drawing guide
how to draw eyelashes step by step

Table of Contents

Basic Information on How to Draw Eyelashes

So, how to draw eyelashes beautifully and correctly? First, you need to imagine the shape of the eyes – at least approximately. In this lesson we will not draw eyes, we have a special drawing tutorial about this. You can draw the simplest sketchy outlines of the eyes, which you can see at the beginning of this post.

Once you have drawn the approximate shape of the eyes, you can draw the outlines of the eyelash using some patterns and rules. We will tell you about this as our lesson progresses. Eyelashes can come in different sizes and shapes, but some rules apply to any type.

Drawing eyelashes can be very different depending on the complexity of the drawing. In this tutorial, we will show you a simple way to draw eyelashes, and then we will present a more complex version with details.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw Eyelashes

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Eyelashes

  1. Draw the guidelines.

    Depict two straight horizontal lines. This is the preparatory part to make it convenient to draw the contours of the eyes. Place these lines in the center of the piece of paper or where you plan to draw the eyelashes. how to draw eyelashes simple

  2. Depict the upper eyelid.

    Draw two smooth curved lines as shown in the example. It looks like two crescents without lateral edges. Pay attention to the distance between these figures, this is a very important point.how to draw eyelashes cartoon

  3. Add the lower eyelid.

    Draw two more smooth lines to enclose the contours of the eyes. These are also two lines that diverge from one point and expand in the lateral direction.how to draw cute eyelashes

  4. Draw the upper lashes on the right side.

    Now we can draw eyelashes. Add long, flowing triangles that taper towards the center. Be sure to keep this reduction towards the center, it is very important for realism.realistic eyelashes drawing

  5. Depict the bottom lashes on the right side.

    The eyelashes on the lower part of the eye are located with exactly the same feature. We also see a gradual decrease in the size of the triangles towards the nose. However, the figures here are much smaller than those above.eyelashes drawing cartoon

  6. Sketch out the upper lashes on the left side.

    Repeat the same steps around the outline of the other eye. Try to maintain symmetry. The most important thing is the reduction of eyelashes towards the center and the difference in size between the lower and upper eyelashes.cartoon eyelashes drawing

  7. Draw the bottom lashes on the left side.

    There is only a small action left to complete this. Please note that from below the eyelashes only reach 2/3 of the eye contour. This also applies to the other eye, of course.eyelashes drawing tutorial

  8. Correct inaccuracies.

    Evaluate the correctness and symmetry of all steps. Remove excess lines, clean up all the contours of the eyes and eyelashes.eyelashes drawing lesson

  9. Color your eyelashes.

    Use a solid color to fill in the contours of the eyelashes. Black or dark blue would be a great choice.eyelashes drawing guide

Additional Сontent

So, if you want to draw eyelashes not using the step-by-step method, then you can look at this PDF archive. Here we have collected some illustrations to help you work with this drawing lesson. If you download this, you can practice your drawing skills even when the internet is off.

Alternative Ways to Draw Eyelashes

There are many ways to draw eyelashes. First we presented you with one of the simplest ones. This is great for cartoon style characters. However, now we will show a slightly more complex version with more realism.

How to Draw Realistic Eyelashes

In this drawing we will focus on the detailed drawing of the eyelashes. The eyelashes here look like many curved lines that are very densely spaced. It is important to note that these lines are located more densely at the top than at the bottom. Another feature is the direction of the eyelashes in different directions relative to the conditional center of the eye.

how to draw realistic eyelashes step by step


We hope you enjoyed this eyelash drawing tutorial. We have presented you with two drawing options, but in reality there are many ways. If you have questions or critical comments, be sure to write to us. We read our social networks and comment blocks on the site. We are looking forward to your feedback!

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