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How to Draw a Cook

how to draw a Cook

how to draw a cook

In this guide, I will tell you how to draw a сook for kids. I’m pretty happy to present this tutorial to you because it is one of the coolest professions ever.

Step 1

First, I will sketch out the outlines of the torso and head of our chef. A typical feature of the cartoon style is a large head combined with a small torso. Inside the head outline, we sketch out two intersecting lines. The vertical will show the middle of the face, and the horizontal will show the location of the eyes. Due to the perspective, the vertical line must be shifted to the left.

Cook drawing tutorial

Step 2

With the help of elongated cylinders and circles, we mark the arms and legs of our cook. Only one arm has a fold, the rest of the limbs look like straight, elongated shapes.

Cook drawing tutorial

Step 3

Use the lines from the previous step and draw the facial features. The eyes appear as almond-shaped ovals. The nose looks like two semicircles, and the mouth is a smooth, curved line.

Cook drawing tutorial

Step 4

One of the main attributes of a chef is a chef’s hat. This is the same as a white coat for a doctor. Let’s draw the outlines of such a hat in this step.

how to draw a Cook for beginners

Step 5

So, we continue the guide on how to draw a cook for kids. To complete the look for our chef, we need to draw the hands and the front of the uniform.


Step 6

As always, we leave the traditional step without actions so that you can evaluate your sketch. If you see any errors, you can fix it in this step

Cook drawing

Step 7

If you want to complete your drawing, don’t leave the chef’s hat and uniform unpainted. Use a lighter shade of gray for a realistic drawing.

how to draw a Cook

We hope this drawing guide was helpful to you. We really look forward to your feedback in the form of questions and comments on this article. It helps us a lot to work!

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