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How to Draw a Cook

how to draw a Cook

how to draw a cook

In this guide, I will tell you how to draw a сook for kids. I’m pretty happy to present this tutorial to you because it is one of the coolest professions ever.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 40 minutes

How to Draw a Cook

  1. Create the basic structure.

    Start by drawing a vertical oval for the head and a smaller rounded shape for the body, ensuring they are proportionate to each other. Sketch a vertical and a horizontal line inside the oval to act as guides for facial features placement, dividing the face into equal sections.Cook drawing tutorial - drawing the base

  2. Outlining the body and limbs.

    Draw two short lines extending downward from the body to create the legs, and two more lines for the arms, with small ovals at the ends to represent hands. This stage focuses on getting the proportions and posture of the cook right, ensuring that the limbs are in a natural, relaxed position.Drawing arms and legs of a cook

  3. Draw facial features.

    Sketch two small circles on the horizontal facial guide for the eyes and add curved lines above them for eyebrows. Place a small curved line below the eyes for the nose and a wider curved line for the smiling mouth, giving the cook a friendly expression.Draw facial features

  4. Sketch a chef’s hat.

    Now, detail the chef’s iconic hat. Add the ear and ensure facial symmetry and expressiveness. The hat, known as a toque, should be drawn with volume. In fact, the chef’s hat is four small asymmetrical semicircles that are located above the outline of the head from the last step.how to draw a Cook for beginners

  5. Drawing the chef’s clothes.

    Draw a few additional simple lines to clarify the basic details of our chef’s uniform. It is most convenient to first draw a long vertical line through the torso, and then the buttons and outline of the lower part of the uniform. Then draw the fingers, which are movable and have different positions on the right and left hands.
    Drawing the chef's clothes

  6. Remove extra lines from the cook’s body.

    Try to find all the inaccuracies in the area of our chef’s face, neck and hat. Fix this, then remove the extra guide lines from the previous steps. Use a softer pencil to create the final outlines of the character’s head and neck.erasing extra lines from the head

  7. Remove extra lines from the cook’s body

    Carefully go over the drawing with a darker pencil or ink to solidify your lines, making sure to smooth out any rough edges. Remove any remaining guide lines and correct any final details in the chef’s uniform, ensuring that everything looks tidy and symmetrical.Cook drawing and removing extra lines

  8. Color the cook.

    There is a little life hack when working with what should be white in your drawing. Don’t just leave it blank, use a light gray or light blue color. In our case, correctly selected pastel colors of the remaining parts of the picture will help create the desired effect.how to draw a Cook

We hope this drawing guide was helpful to you. We really look forward to your feedback in the form of questions and comments on this article. It helps us a lot to work!

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