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How to Draw a Builder

how to draw a builder

how to draw a builder

This is another super simple instruction from the series of tutorials about people in which I show you how to draw a builder for kids.

Like all the instructions on the pages of Howtodrawforkids.com, this instruction will be super simple. To portray a builder, you will need a pencil or marker, as well as a sheet of paper. At the very end of the guide on how to draw a builder for kids, you can use a set of colored pencils, paints, or markers for coloring.

Time needed: 50 minutes

How to draw a builder

  1. Drawing the contours of the head and torso.

    Starting with the head, you draw an oval shape for the face and a smaller rectangle beneath it for the neck and torso. The cross lines on the face serve as guides for where the eyes, nose, and mouth will be placed. For the body, keep the lines loose and light to capture the basic posture and proportions of the builder.how to draw the bilder for beginners

  2. Sketch the limbs of the bilder.

    Now, refine the body by adding cylindrical shapes for the arms and legs to give volume and structure. These cylinders act as the limbs of your builder and should be proportional to the body. The feet and hands at this stage look like small round shapes.Sketch the limbs of the bilder

  3. Sketch the builder’s facial features.

    Draw the eyes, nose, and a slight smile on the face using the guide lines as placement markers. Important tip: the pupils in both eyes should be shifted to the same side and be the same size. Sketch the builder's facial features

  4. Drawing the bilder’s helmet.

    Here we can start dressing the character by adding a safety helmet and the outlines of clothes. The helmet should sit comfortably on top of the head, curved at the bottom to mimic its snug fit over the builder’s forehead. Sketch lightly at this stage to keep the ability to correct proportions.Drawing the bilder's helmet

  5. Drawing the bilder’s uniform.

    In this step we continue to detail the builder’s attire by drawing a vest with pockets and tools, as well as knee pads. The vest should have straight lines to suggest a sturdy material, with square pockets for holding nails or screws.
    Drawing the bilder's uniform

  6. Removing unnecessary lines from the face.

    Start by removing any excessive lines that were initially sketched to position the eyes, nose, and mouth. Refine these key features to express the builder’s personality: a pair of alert, friendly eyes, a confident nose, and a content smile.
    removing unnecessary lines from the face

  7. Removing unnecessary lines from the body.

    It’s time to erase any unnecessary guide lines and to sharpen the details like the facial features, the folds in the clothing, and the accessories. By now, the builder should look lively and completed, ready for color.builder drawing

  8. Color the builder

    Finally, add color to your builder to complete the drawing. Use vibrant colors for the helmet to signify safety and more subdued, realistic tones for the workwear. Apply colors carefully within the outlines and add shadows to the folds in the clothes and light reflections on the helmet.how to draw a builder

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