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How to Draw a Dove

Unlock the art of drawing one of nature’s most graceful creatures with my extensive guide on how to draw a dove. Spanning two thorough techniques, you’ll evolve from crafting the basic form to adding intricate details like the eyes and feathers, ensuring your dove looks as peaceful and dignified as it does in the wild.

How to draw a dove
how to draw a Dove

How to Draw a Dove: Basic Information

Welcome to this artistic venture where I’ll show you how to draw a dove, a symbol of peace and purity. This lesson is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring that anyone, regardless of skill level, can create a peaceful and elegant dove. The steps I’ve developed capture the gentle curves and serene posture of this beloved bird.

The dove in this tutorial is crafted with particular attention to the flowing lines that form its wings and body. These elements are essential in conveying the dove’s essence of tranquility and grace. By following this method, you’ll learn not just to sketch a dove, but to infuse your artwork with the calm it symbolizes.

And there you have it, the steps to draw a dove that radiates peace and serenity. This method is a testament to the beauty that can be achieved with minimal complexity, inviting you to embrace the elegance of simplicity in your art. Your canvas awaits the peaceful presence of the dove you’re about to create.

Dove Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Step 1 – Draw the Basics

Firstly, depict the basic shapes that form the foundation of the dove’s body. Draw an elongated oval for the body and a smaller circle for the head. The circle and oval should touch or slightly overlap where the neck will be.

Draw the basics of the dove's head and body

Step 2 – Draw the Upper Parts of the Wings

Secondly, add the dove’s wings and tail. Starting from the top of the body, draw two curved lines extending outward for the wings. The wing lines should be longer than the head and body.

Draw the basics of the dove's wings

Step 3 – Draw the Beak and Eyes of a Dove

Sketch a small beak at the front of the head with a simple curved line. For the eye, draw a small circle above and behind the beak. This step requires a steady hand to keep the facial features small and delicate

Adding the eyes and beak of a dove

Step 4 – Depict the Feathers of the Wings of a Dove

Starting from the lines drawn previously, sketch elongated shapes along the edges to represent the feathers. These should be larger and more detailed at the top, becoming smaller towards the tips of the wings.

dove art

Step 5 – Add the Lower Parts of the Wings

Inside the wings, add more elongated shapes to give the appearance of layered feathers. The lines should follow the curve of the wing, with each row of feathers getting shorter as they near the dove’s body.

Draw the closest parts of the wing feathers

Step 6 – Detail the Dove’s Tail

So, draw the large feathers that form the tail of our pigeon. It looks like oval shapes that get smaller from left to right due to the peculiarities of the angle.

Add the outline of the dove's tail

Step 7 – Draw the Pigeon’s Legs

Draw two short lines descending from the bottom of the body for the legs. At the end of each line, add small ovals for the feet, with lines inside to suggest toes.

Depictthe paws of a dove

Step 8 – Remove Extra Lines

Check the accuracy of all lines and contours in this step. Make sure the proportions are correct. Then remove the extra lines and move on to coloring this beautiful bird.

erase the extra lines from the dove

Step 9 – Color the Dove

I painted the beak and legs purple, and the eye black, leaving a round highlight in it. But you can color your dove drawing any other color. You can use pictures of pigeons from the Internet as a reference for coloring.

color the dove

Additional Content

Alongside the online tutorial, I’ve created a downloadable PDF file, available for free, to help you learn how to draw a dove. This shortened version of the lesson is perfect for offline use, allowing you to continue developing your drawing abilities wherever you might be, internet or not.

The PDF serves as a portable guide, with step-by-step instructions that are simple to understand and follow. It’s ideal for keeping your drawing practice consistent, even when you’re on the go, ensuring that your artistic journey is always progressing, no matter your location.

Alternative Drawing Method

For those eager to refine their artistic touch, I’ve also devised an additional, simpler technique for drawing a dove. This method strips down the complexity and focuses on the fundamental shapes and lines that form a dove.

It’s perfect for practicing and improving your skills, reinforcing your understanding of the basic anatomy of birds while still capturing the dove’s inherent grace.

How to Draw a Dove for Kindergarten

For youngest artists, this dove drawing method is crafted with simplicity in mind, featuring just eight straightforward steps. We begin with a simple oval for the body and a curve for the head, ensuring each stage is easy for small fingers to draw.

As we progress, we add basic shapes to form the wings and tail, avoiding complex details. The emphasis is on the joy of creation and the satisfaction of seeing a recognizable dove emerge on the page, which is perfect for encouraging a love of art in young children.

how to draw a dove step by step

Setting the Scene for Your Dove Sketches

As we put the finishing touches on our dove drawing lesson, consider how the backdrop can elevate your artwork. Here are some ideas to enhance your drawing with an environment that complements the serene beauty of your dove:

  • Sky streaked with the soft colors of dawn, offering a new beginning as your dove takes flight.
  • Olive branch under the dove, symbolizing hope and peace.
  • Gentle waves of a calm sea below, reflecting the dove’s grace in their undulating rhythm.
  • Backdrop of rolling hills, giving a sense of the dove’s journey across vast landscapes.

Remember, the setting you choose is not just scenery; it’s a canvas for your dove’s story, amplifying the message of peace and serenity your drawing conveys. So, let your creativity take wing, and let your dove’s story unfold against a backdrop that speaks to your vision.


Bravo, artists! Your doves are ready to spread their wings and soar. Curious about what to draw next? Visit my website where the fun never stops – you can learn to draw everything from the king of the jungle, a gorilla, to something as simple and sweet as a sofa.

For more fun tutorials, make sure to follow me on social media – that’s where all the latest updates land. And if you’ve got ideas or wishes for what you want to draw in future lessons, don’t be shy! Leave a comment below. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas to make our drawing time together even more exciting!

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