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How to Draw an Owl

This step-by-step guide is created to demystify the process of illustrating one of nature’s most beloved avians: the owl. My intention is to provide you with a straightforward approach, ensuring you can confidently draw an owl with just a few simple shapes and lines, tailored for beginners and seasoned artists alike.

how to draw an owl for kids

How to Draw an Owl: Basic Information

Unlocking the mysteries of creating feathered friends on paper, I present to you my tutorial on how to draw an owl. This guide simplifies each element of the wise and enigmatic bird, making the process of drawing accessible and enjoyable, even if you’re just starting out with a sketchpad in hand.

In our lesson, we will pay special attention to the owl’s defining features: the large, round eyes that gleam with wisdom, the layered feathers that cloak its body, and the sturdy stance that echoes its forest dwelling nature. Each step is designed to be clear and concise, making the art of drawing accessible and enjoyable.

With the completion of this tutorial, not only will you be able to draw an owl with ease, but you’ll also grasp the subtleties that give character to your sketches. It’s my hope that these techniques will enhance your overall drawing repertoire, allowing you to spread your artistic wings just like the wise owl we’ll create together.

Owl Drawing Tutorial

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw an Owl

  1. Draw the body of the bird.

    In fact, it looks like a large oval in the center of a piece of paper.learn how to draw an owl

  2. Add the outlines of the ears.

    Correct the contour of the torso and draw the ears that look like two triangles.learn how to draw an owl easy

  3. Add the outlines of the wings.

    They are just two smooth, curved lines that are located to the side of the contour of the torso.learn how to draw an owl step by step

  4. Draw the eyebrows of the owl.

    These are two smooth lines that form an angle at the top of our bird’s head.how to draw an owl tutorial

  5. Draw the outer outlines of the eyes.

    Owls have really large eyes. This is a very noticeable detail in the appearance of these birds.how to draw an owl tutorial easy

  6. Draw a triangle on the torso.

    These lines are parallel to the contours of the torso from the second step.owl drawing tutorial

  7. Add our bird’s paws.

    Place three rounded elongated shapes on each side as in my reference.owl drawing guide

  8. Draw the eyes and beak.

    Pay attention to the ratio of the size of the beak to the eyes.owl drawing guide for kids easy

  9. Color the owl.

    Various shades of brown would be the perfect choice for this cute bird.how-to-draw-an-owl

Additional Content

To support and extend your learning experience from our owl-drawing class, I’ve put together a free, downloadable PDF file. This companion resource is specially created to offer you the convenience of revisiting the key elements of our lesson anytime, anywhere, without the need for an internet connection.

The PDF is strategically designed as a condensed reference of our session together, absent the detailed instructions, yet brimming with extra exercises for practice. These exercises are crafted to refine your technique, focusing on the unique textures and contours of our feathered subject, enhancing your artistic perception and execution.

Utilize this PDF as a tool for continued practice. After you’ve become comfortable with the foundational shapes and forms from our tutorial, the additional material in the PDF will prompt you to add finesse to your owls, encouraging you to evolve your sketches into intricate works of art.

Alternative Drawing Techniques

In addition to the foundational lesson, I’ve crafted a collection of alternative drawing techniques for owls, aimed at broadening your skills and encouraging detailed exploration. These approaches vary, focusing on different aspects of the owl’s appearance from its feather patterns to its piercing gaze, offering a comprehensive skill set enhancement.

Exploring these techniques will not only deepen your understanding of how to capture the essence of these nocturnal birds but also enrich your overall artistic abilities. Each method introduces new challenges, pushing you to experiment with textures, shadows, and proportions, ultimately refining your depiction of owls.

These alternative strategies are designed as stepping stones in your journey of artistic growth. As you navigate through them, you’ll find your confidence in drawing owls – and nature in general – will soar. This expansion of techniques ensures your art continues to evolve, capturing the majestic spirit of the owl with every sketch.

How to Draw an Owl for Kindergarten

In the first alternative method to our primary owl-drawing tutorial, I’ve distilled the essence of the artwork into an even more simplified style. This approach is tailored to ensure that even the youngest artists, such as those in kindergarten, can find success and joy in creating their feathered friend.

Each stroke and contour has been reduced to basic shapes and lines, removing any complexity that might overwhelm a budding artist. The idea is to make the process as approachable as painting by numbers, focusing on the joy of creation rather than the intricacy of the subject.

By stripping down the owl to its most fundamental elements, this method not only builds confidence in young artists but also lays a strong foundation for understanding form and structure. It’s a gentle introduction to the world of art, encouraging even the smallest hands to draw with heart and happiness.

how to draw an owl step by step

Cute Owl Drawing Guide

In our journey to capture the essence of nature’s wisdom, we come to a method of illustrating owls that balances simplicity with endearing charm. This approach focuses on creating a cute owl, breaking down each element into friendly shapes and lines, inviting artists of all ages to join in the fun.

With a gentle hand, we draw soft, rounded forms, guiding fledgling artists to create a heartwarming character. This owl’s large, soulful eyes and plump body are designed for ease of drawing, ensuring a delightful result every time.

By the end of this tutorial, the satisfaction of bringing such a sweet creature to your canvas will be matched only by the new skills you’ve gained. This method serves as a testament to how a few simple strokes can create a drawing that is both easy to make and a joy to behold.

how to draw a simple owl step by step

How to Draw a Realistic Owl

Creating a realistic owl on paper calls for a detailed eye and a steady hand. Begin with a simple oval for the body, topped with a circular head, ensuring proportions that mirror the bird’s stately poise. As the drawing progresses, infuse life into your sketch by meticulously etching out the eyes, the beak, and the textured plumage.

To breathe realism into the owl, observe the interplay of light and shadow, and translate it onto your drawing. This attention to detail transforms a flat sketch into a dynamic figure that seems almost ready to leap off the page. Shading plays a crucial role here, giving volume to feathers and depth to those piercing eyes.

In this lesson, patience is as important as the pencil you use. With every thoughtful mark, the owl’s wisdom and grace come alive, turning your creation into a small wonder of artistry. It’s a fulfilling process that not only sharpens your skills but also deepens your connection with the natural world.

how to draw a realistic owl step by step

Cartoon Owl Drawing Lesson

To bring a dash of delight to the art session, I have devised a playful method to draw a cartoonish owl. This adorably humorous owl seems almost ready to leap from the page, inviting chuckles with its endearing eyes and plump body. The rounded shapes and expressive features offer a welcome simplicity, making it perfect for a light-hearted art endeavor.

In this jovial rendition, the owl’s wide eyes and soft, sweeping lines foster an immediate connection, evoking an animated personality. The lack of intricate detail allows for a relaxed drawing experience, ideal for kindergarteners or those looking for a whimsical break in their day.

Completing this tutorial, the learner is left with more than just a cute drawing; there’s a touch of joy infused in every stroke. It’s a gentle reminder that art doesn’t always have to be serious – sometimes, it’s about the smile it brings to your face, mirroring the merriment of our cartoonish owl friend.

how to draw an owl


If you’ve enjoyed the steps to sketching an owl, you’ll be thrilled to explore the other lessons on my site, which range from drawing the rings of Saturn to the exciting outlines of a police car. Stay in the creative loop by following my social media channels, ensuring you never miss out on new artistic adventures.

And if your mind is bubbling with ideas for future tutorials, the comment section under each lesson is your canvas – I’d love to hear your suggestions for what to draw next. These lessons are crafted with you in mind, always aiming to enrich your drawing journey one stroke at a time.

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