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How to Draw Supergirl

I’m delighted to present this tutorial on how to draw Supergirl, where we’ll transform the Girl of Steel into a charming chibi character. This guide is meticulously designed to make drawing Supergirl accessible for artists of all ages, focusing on simplifying her iconic costume and poise into easy, approachable steps.

how to draw supergirl

How to Draw Supergirl: Basic Information

Join me as we embark on a creative flight, learning how to draw Supergirl in her chibi form, an artistic twist to her superhero legacy. In this lesson, we’ll blend the might of her Kryptonian heritage with the whimsy of chibi artistry, ensuring every stroke captures both her strength and charm.

Our pencils will trace the contours of a smaller, mightier Supergirl, focusing on the playful exaggeration of her features, from the eyes that sparkle with justice to the S emblazoned on her chest, scaled down but every bit as powerful. As we sketch, we’ll pay homage to her iconic cape and boots, infusing them with a touch of cuteness.

By the close of this tutorial, you’ll know how to draw Supergirl in a form that’s as captivating as it is adorable, ready to leap off your page and into the hearts of fans. This chibi heroine won’t just stand tall among your creations; she’ll stand out with the undeniable charisma of a true, albeit tiny, champion.

Supergirl Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Supergirl

  1. Draw the head and body

    Kick off your Supergirl drawing with a vertical oval for her head, which will serve as the canvas for her facial features. Directly below the head, draw another oval for the torso.Draw the head and body

  2. Depict the facial features of the Supergirl

    Draw the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth using circles, arcs and curved lines. It’s important to space the features evenly to maintain symmetry and to capture the essence of her character.depict the facial features

  3. Add the hair

    Now, draw Supergirl’s hair by adding wavy lines around her head, allowing the hair to frame her face and flow down. On top of her head, include a curved line to represent her parting.Add the hair

  4. Draw Supergirl’s legs

    To depict the legs, form two symmetrical round shapes that gradually taper downwards. The outer contours of the legs start higher than the inner ones – this technique help to draw a female body type.draw supergirl's legs

  5. Sketch the arms and neck

    Draw short vertical lines between the head and torso to form the neck. The arms look like two smooth cylinders that are located on the sides of the body.sketch the arms

  6. Draw a logo with S-letter

    At the center of Supergirl’s chest, draw the famous ‘S’ emblem, which should be symmetrical and clearly defined. Match the bottom edge of the emblem with the narrowing contour of the torso.Draw a logo with S-letter

  7. Detail the costume

    The skirt should be drawn with a sense of lightness, as if it could flutter in the wind as she flies. The boots require clear, clean lines to show that they are sturdy and part of her battle attire.detail the costume

  8. Draw a superhero cape

    In this final step of detailing, go over the lines of her costume, making sure every element is in place and looks cohesive. Also draw the outline of the cape in the form of a rectangle behind Supergirl’s back.draw a superhero cape

  9. Color the drawing.

    The last step is to bring your Supergirl to life with color. Use bright blue for her outfit, a vibrant red for her cape, boots, and skirt, and add the golden yellow for her belt and the emblem’s background.how-to-draw-supergirl

Additional Content

In creating this drawing guide, my goal was to simplify the process of drawing Supergirl in her dynamic chibi form. The DF file I’ve designed for you makes it easy to follow instructions and practice your skills anywhere, anytime. It’s crafted to fit into your life, making art accessible whether you’re online or off.

This guide isn’t just about drawing; it’s a pathway to enhancing your artistic abilities. With each line you draw and every character you bring to life, you’re invited to explore the depths of your creativity. The PDF serves as a constant companion, encouraging you to seize those moments of inspiration wherever you find them.

By offering this resource, I aim to support your journey in art, from tentative first sketches to confident, expressive drawings. It’s my hope that this PDF becomes a valued tool in your creative arsenal, pushing you to not only replicate but reimagine your favorite characters in new and exciting ways.

How to Draw Supergirl: Video Tutorial

Technical Insights for Drawing Supergirl

As we wrap up this tutorial, it’s crucial to reflect on the technical nuances that elevate a simple drawing to a work of art. Let’s delve into the specific technical aspects that have underpinned our journey through drawing Supergirl, ensuring that every future sketch is not just seen but felt.

  • Line Weight Variation: Adjusting the thickness of your lines can add depth and dimension. Use thicker lines for the outer edges of Supergirl and thinner lines for internal details.
  • Understanding Proportions: Even in chibi form, maintaining correct proportions is key. Ensure Supergirl’s head is oversized compared to her body, but keep her features balanced within that space.
  • Shadow and Light: Proper shading can bring Supergirl to life. Identify your light source and consistently apply shadows on the opposite side to create a three-dimensional effect.
  • Facial Expressions: Capturing the right expression is crucial for character art. Practice Supergirl’s determined yet kind eyes and her confident smile to convey her heroic persona.
  • Color Theory: Choose your colors carefully to match Supergirl’s vibrant costume. Pay attention to how colors interact, using contrast to make her emblem and cape stand out.

Focusing on these technical nuances not only enhances the quality of your Supergirl drawings but also lays a foundation for all your future artistic endeavors. These principles, from line weight to color theory, are the tools that allow your creativity to flourish on the canvas.

Companions and Challenges for Supergirl

Enriching your artwork with diverse environments and companions can transform a simple sketch into a compelling narrative. Let’s explore how integrating additional elements can elevate your drawings and expand your artistic horizons.

  • Add Metropolis Skyline: Sketch the iconic skyline of Metropolis behind Supergirl, capturing the bustling city she vows to protect. Include famous landmarks to anchor her in her world.
  • Introduce Superman: Drawing Superman alongside Supergirl offers a chance to explore familial dynamics and the contrast between their costumes and poses.
  • Experiment with Action Scenes: Position Supergirl in the midst of battle, perhaps deflecting laser beams or rescuing citizens. This helps develop your skill in depicting movement and emotion.
  • Create a Comic Panel: Arrange your drawings within a comic panel layout, thinking about how each frame leads to the next. This can deepen your understanding of storytelling through art.

Each additional element is an opportunity to refine your skills, challenge your creativity, and breathe life into your art. Remember, the world of comic book art is vast and varied; let your imagination soar as you bring these scenes to life.


The voyage into the essence of chibi Supergirl merely unfurled the canvas of our collective artistic exploration. Wander further into my digital atelier, where myriad tutorials await – each a portal to new wonders, from illustrating the delicate beauty of peonies to the aerodynamic shape of paper airplanes.

To ensure you don’t miss out on future artistic journeys, consider following me on social media. Your insights and desires greatly influence the direction of new content, so don’t hesitate to leave your suggestions for upcoming lessons. Together, we’ll continue to expand our creative horizons and share our love for art.

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