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How to Draw Chewbacca

Learn how to draw Chewbacca with my detailed Star Wars-themed drawing guide. Known for his loyalty, strength, and unique vocal expressions, Chewbacca is a favorite among fans of all ages. This tutorial simplifies the process into eight easy-to-follow steps

how to draw chewbacca easy
how to draw chewbacca step by step

How to Draw Chewbacca: Basic Information

Let’s get started with the lesson where I will teach you how to draw Chewbacca, the gallant Wookiee from the Star Wars saga. I’ve designed this lesson to guide you through each stage of capturing Chewbacca unique features.

We’ll start with his head, paying close attention to the wavy fur patterns that give him his rugged look. As you sketch Chewbacca face, allow your lines to flow freely to capture the essence of his wild yet wise persona.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to draw Chewbacca bandolier with care, ensuring we get the details just right. This iconic accessory goes beyond appearance; it tells a story of his bravery and adventures. Remember, the key to drawing Chewbacca is in the details, so let’s add character to each part of his gear.

Finally, we’ll bring Chewbacca to life by focusing on his expressive eyes and gentle demeanor, ensuring that your drawing captures the warmth of his character. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a drawing that looks and feels like the heart of this Wookiee warrior, Chewbacca.

Chewbacca Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Chewbacca

  1. Draw the outlines of Chewbacca’s head.

    Start by drawing a rough oval shape for the head. The bottom of the oval should be slightly jagged to simulate fur, giving a more organic, textured look. This will serve as the base for the facial features of the character.
    how to draw chewbacca from star wars

  2. Sketch the eyes and nose.

    Inside the head outline, draw two small circles for the eyes positioned towards the upper middle of the face. Below the eyes, in the center, draw a small oval for the nose. Keep the features simple and symmetrical, focusing on their placement.
    how to draw chewbacca cute

  3. Draw the Chewbacca mouth.

    Below the nose, create a wide, open mouth to give your character a distinctive expression. Draw several irregular lines within the mouth to depict teeth, adding character to Chewbacca. Ensure that the mouth’s size and shape are in proportion with the eyes and nose.
    how to draw chewbacca easy step by step

  4. Sketch the arms.

    From the sides of the head, extend two rounded, stubby arms. These should appear soft and fluffy, complementing the furry texture of the character. Pay attention to the positioning and angle of the arms to ensure they look natural and proportional.
    how to draw chewbacca step by step for beginners

  5. Add the rest of the body.

    Add two short, rounded legs underneath the body. These legs should be bulbous and simple, reinforcing the character’s adorable and cuddly appearance. The simplicity in the legs’ design makes it easier for beginners to replicate and helps maintain the focus on the character’s more detailed upper body.
    chewbacca drawing easy

  6. Depict the bandoleer.

    Illustrate a diagonal bandolier that crosses from the left shoulder to the right hip. Start by outlining the bandolier, then add small rectangular shapes along it to represent pouches or compartments, which are typical for this character’s design.
    chewbacca drawing

  7. Draw the fur on the Chewbacca body.

    Detail the character by adding fur texture throughout its body. Use small lines and marks to create the illusion of thick, fluffy fur around the head, arms, and legs. Also, take this opportunity to refine the details on the bandolier and the facial features.
    star wars chewbacca drawing

  8. Color your Chewbacca drawing.

    Finish the drawing by applying colors. Color the bandolier in a darker, contrasting shade to ensure it stands out against the fur. Additionally, you can apply lighter shades on the face and limbs to enhance the volumetric feel of the drawing.
    how to draw chewbacca easy

Additional Content

I’ve put together a cool PDF file of this Chewbacca drawing tutorial. It’s packed with all the steps you need to bring Chewie to life right from your own fingertips. And you can download it for free! This nifty guide is super handy, especially if you find yourself somewhere far, far away from the internet.

So, grab your chance to keep this trusty drawing buddy by your side, anytime, anywhere. Just click, download, and you’re all set to sketch with the Force!

Final Touches

There are even more exciting tasks and interesting tips ahead that will help you become a master of illustrations in the Star Wars universe.

  • High-five! You’ve completed an epic Chewbacca drawing tutorial and brought Chewie to life right on your paper. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done!
  • Show It off! Don’t be shy – show your masterpiece to friends and family. Your unique version of Chewie is worth sharing with the galaxy.
  • Keep a drawing diary: Why not start a drawing diary just like Greg Heffley‘s? Except yours will be filled with all the cool characters you can draw, starting with Chewie!
  • Mix it up: Try drawing Chewie in different poses or with expressions that show his brave yet caring nature. What about Chewbacca with a big, friendly smile?

Remember, every artist starts with simple steps, and you’re well on your way to greatness. Keep practicing, keep learning, and may the Force of art be with you always!


Congratulations on completing your Chewbacca drawing! But don’t put those pencils down just yet. There’s a whole universe of “Star Wars” characters waiting for you to discover. Why not try your hand at drawing the menacing Darth Vader or a brave Clone Trooper next? And there are plenty more where they came from!

To make sure you’re always part of our exciting art processes, follow me on social media. There, you’ll get updates on the newest drawing tutorials we can undertake on together. Let’s keep creating, sharing, and having tons of fun. Your art pad is your passport to the stars!

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