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How to Draw Black Panther

Immerse yourself in a creative adventure as I show you how to draw Black Panther in a playful chibi style, perfect for young fans. This engaging tutorial simplifies the iconic hero into approachable steps, making drawing accessible and fun for children eager to bring their favorite character to life on paper.

How to draw Black Panther
how to draw black panther step by step

How to Draw Black Panther: Basic Information

Welcome, creative adventurers, to the exciting world of superheroes as we learn how to draw Black Panther,the noble Avenger in his charming chibi form. This tutorial is designed with budding artists in mind, breaking down the essence of T’Challa’s superhero guise into manageable, enjoyable drawing steps.

The tutorial showcases the distinct features of Black Panther, focusing on his powerful mask and the subtle details that make his suit unique. We begin with basic shapes and lines, ensuring each element from the comics is captured, but with a simplicity that encourages even the youngest fans to join in.

As this art lesson ends, you’ll not only draw Black Panther but also capture Wakanda’s spirit in your sketches. With each stroke of your pencil, remember that just as “Wakanda Forever” echoes the eternal spirit of an unyielding nation, so too does your art immortalize the steadfast heart of its champion on paper.

Black Panther Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw Black Panther

  1. Sketch out the head and torso.

    Use really light and smooth lines at this stage. The difference in the sizes of the torso and head is very noticeable, isn’t it?
    How to draw T'Challa

  2. Draw the eyes.

    Please note that the outlines of the eyes should be angular. In this step you can already see the recognizable features of the Black Panther helmet.
    Superhero drawing lesson

  3. Draw the arms.

    To do this, use two long and flowing lines. In a simplified version, we drew static arms. However, you can draw a more interesting dynamic pose.
    How to draw a Marvel character

  4. Add details.

    Draw the lines of the gloves and the outlines of the belt. Please note that these lines do not lie in the same plane, although it may seem that way.
    How to draw a superhero

  5. Draw the legs.

    First, sketch the outlines of the legs with a couple of simple lines, then the outlines of the feet.
    Black Panther drawing lesson

  6. Draw the ears and necklace.

    These details should also be depicted using straight and clear lines. Look at the ears – these are very smooth and small shapes that are located on the sides of the top of the head.
    Black Panther drawing tutorial

  7. Add some details.

    Using the same straight lines draw patterns on the suit. Costumes of famous characters are a very important part of the design, in fact. Try to draw these details as accurately as possible.
    Black Panther easy drawing lesson

  8. Erase the guidelines.

    After that, you can trace your Black Panther drawing to make it more cartoonish. Before doing this, it would be a good idea to check all the previous steps for correctness and accuracy.
    How to draw Black Panther for kids

  9. Color the drawing.

    Use a combination of black (or dark gray) and white for this. This Wakanda superhero costume is very familiar and recognizable to all Marvel fans.
    How to draw Black Panther

Additional Content

For those moments when you’re eager to dive into drawing but find yourself offline, I’ve crafted a convenient solution: a free PDF file of our Black Panther drawing. This brief, downloadable version condenses the tutorial into an easily navigable guide, perfect for young artists who want to keep practicing, no matter the setting.

Whether you’re on a long journey, at a family gathering, or simply in a place where the internet whispers faintly, this PDF is your artistic ally. It’s designed to be straightforward, allowing you to focus on honing your skills and enjoying the process of bringing the chibi Black Panther to life.

Enhancing Your Black Panther Art

Alright, aspiring superheroes and artists! You’ve just powered through our Black Panther drawing lesson, and I bet you’re feeling pretty proud. But before you hang up your cape and call it a day, let’s go over some key tips and tricks that will help you refine your skills even further.

  • Proportions in Chibi Style: Getting the head just right in comparison to the body is key in chibi art. It’s all about capturing the essence of the character in a fun-sized package, and you nailed it by keeping the head large and the body small.
  • Expressive Eyes: The eyes are the windows to the soul, even for our chibi Black Panther. Those big, expressive eyes you drew help convey emotion and character, making your superhero truly heroic.
  • Practice Dynamic Poses: Try drawing Black Panther in various action poses to capture his agility and strength. This will make your artwork come alive and feel more energetic.

And there we have it! These technical nuances are what transform good drawings into great ones. Remember, every superhero has their strengths, and in the world of art, your power lies in mastering these subtle techniques.


Wow, you’ve truly embraced the spirit of Wakanda by mastering the Black Panther sketch.Your talent, however, is boundless, and there are many more worlds to explore and creatures to bring to life. Have you ever wanted to sketch a koala clinging to a eucalyptus tree or capture the essence of a heavy-duty truck?

My website is the gateway to these adventures and more. Don’t miss a beat of this creative journey—make sure to follow me on social media for the freshest content and inspiration. Your artistic path is just beginning, and each sketch is a step towards becoming the superhero of your own epic tale.

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