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How to Draw a Man

Learn how to draw a man in this basic tutorial. Step-by-step guidance covers essential techniques for creating a human figure, from head to toe, for kids and beginners.

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how to draw a man for kids

In this step-by-step drawing tutorial I will show you how to draw a man. This guide is designed to help both kids and beginning artists learn the basics of figure drawing in a clear and approachable manner.

Through simple instructions, you’ll progress from sketching the head outline to adding facial features, detailing the body, and completing the limbs.

This man drawing tutorial covers the most important skills such as proportion, balance, and symmetry, helping you create a lifelike character. These foundational skills are crucial for beginners.

So, let’s start and learn how to draw a man!

Time needed: 50 minutes

How to Draw a Man

  1. Draw the head of the man.

    Start by sketching an elongated oval shape for the head. Position it centrally on the paper, leaving enough space below for the body and limbs. This oval will act as the foundation for the face. This step sets the stage for all the facial features and provides balance to the entire drawing.Draw the head of the man

  2. Add the eyes and eyebrows.

    Within the oval, position two small dots to represent the eyes. Ensure they are centered on the face. Above each eye, draw small curves to form the eyebrows, tilting them slightly to give the character more realistic and natural look.
    Add the eyes and eyebrows

  3. Draw the nose and mouth.

    Below the eyes, add a small, curved line to represent the nose, aligning it with the center of the face. Ensure its length is proportional to the distance between the eyes and mouth. Below the nose, draw an upward curve to represent a smile, keeping it centered between the nose and chin.Draw the nose and mouth

  4. Illustrate the hairstyle.

    Draw the hairline around the top and sides of the head. Ensure the hairline follows a natural curve, reflecting the character’s head shape. Next, add short, wavy lines within this outline to give texture and realism to the hairstyle.
    Illustrate the hairstyle

  5. Add the ears to the head of the man.

    Position small curves on both sides of the head, aligning them with the eyes. These curves represent the ears, ensuring they are proportionate and symmetrical. Connect them to the head outline, completing the facial structure. The ears help frame the face and make the sketch more realistic.Add the ears to the head of the man

  6. Draw the torso and neck.

    Draw a short line downward from the bottom of the oval to form the neck, ensuring it aligns with the center of the head. Below this, draw a rectangular shape for the torso, making its width slightly broader than the head. The rectangle should extend downward, leaving room for the legs.Draw the torso and neck

  7. Illustrate the arms of the man.

    From each side of the torso rectangle, begin drawing the arms. Start slightly below the top of the rectangle, extending a straight line diagonally downward for each arm, ending just below the waistline. Make sure these lines are of equal length and at a consistent angle to maintain symmetry.Illustrate the arms of the man

  8. Add the hands.

    Start by drawing a small, rounded shape, resembling an oval or mitten, to represent the palm of each hand. Next, add fingers to each hand by sketching four small lines extending outward from each palm. To complete the hands, add a thumb on the inner side of each palm.Add the hands

  9. Draw the legs.

    Extend two straight lines downward from the bottom corners of the torso rectangle to form the legs. Next, draw two more lines that start at the bottom center of the rectangle and diverge slightly to the sides to complete drawing the legs.Draw the legs

  10. Add the feet.

    At the ends of the legs, draw two elongated shapes to represent the feet. These should be proportional to the legs, extending outward to form a stable base for the character. You can add minor details to indicate footwear, such as shoe lines or creases.Add the feet

  11. Review and refine the sketch.

    Now, refine the entire figure, starting from the head down to the feet, removing any guidelines or rough sketches. Begin by smoothing the lines on the face, then move to the torso, arms and legs of the man. To complete this step, you can add minor details such as clothing creases or pockets.Review and refine the sketch

  12. Add colors to the man drawing.

    Now that the drawing is complete, it’s time to add color to make it a bit more realistic. Start by choosing a natural skin tone for the face, hands, and neck. Carefully fill in these areas, making sure to stay within the lines and maintain a uniform color.Add colors to the man drawing

The instruction on how to draw a man step-by-step is now complete. Through this tutorial, you’ve learned to create a lifelike character by gradually building each feature, from the head to the feet. You refined the drawing by removing guidelines and adding subtle details, and then completed it with color.

Now that the drawing is finished, feel free to share this guide with others who might enjoy it. And don’t forget to subscribe to me on social networks like Pinterest and other platforms for more drawing tutorials.

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