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How to Draw a Watering Can

Ready for a splashing good time? Learn how to draw a watering can with my child-friendly steps. This lesson breaks down drawing into two manageable methods. It’s perfect for young artists who love to explore and create. They’ll be ready to water their imaginary gardens with their artwork in no time.

Next, we’ll refine our skills to draw a watering can with even more detail. Children will learn to observe and replicate the shapes that make up everyday objects. With practice, they’ll be able to add their own creative twists.

How to Draw a Watering Can: Basic Information

Welcome, young artists, to a delightful drawing session where we’ll explore the steps on how to draw a watering can. This essential gardening tool is not only useful but also quite fun to create. We’ll begin with simple geometric shapes, ensuring that each line you draw adds to the charm of your illustration.

Then, you’ll learn to draw the body, spout, and handle with easy lines that even the youngest artists can follow. We’ll pay special attention to the watering can’s spout and handle, ensuring they’re proportionate to the body, so your can will look balanced and functional.

By the end of our lesson, you’ll have a whimsical watering can ready to add a splash of joy to any garden scene. Remember, practice is key in art, so feel free to repeat this lesson and watch your skills blossom! Let’s draw a watering can together and nurture the seeds of your artistic talent.

Watering Can Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Watering Can

  1. Outline the bottom of the watering can.

    Start by drawing a horizontal line across your paper. This line will establish the bottom edge of your watering can. It should be straight and even, as it represents the stable base on which the can will sit.how to draw a watering can easy

  2. Add the sides of the watering can.

    From the ends of the base line, draw two straight lines angling upwards and converging slightly. These lines will outline the sides of the watering can and should be symmetrical.how to draw a watering can easy for kids

  3. Add the top of the watering can.

    Connect the top ends of the angled lines with a horizontal line parallel to the base line. This will complete the outline of the can’s body and should be proportional to the base.how to draw a watering can easy step by step

  4. Start drawing the watering can’s tube.

    Extend the spout lines into a long, curved shape, like a sideways teardrop, for the spout of the watering can. The wide part of the spout should be at the base, tapering to a point at the end.how to draw a watering can for kids easy

  5. Finish the drawing of the watering tube.

    First, draw a wide line a short distance from the pipe that we drew in the last step. Then connect the wide line to the pipe with two oblique lines as in my example.a watering can drawing guide

  6. Add the handle of the watering can.

    Create the outline of the handle by sketching a rounded shape. This should look like a wide, incomplete circle that is only connected to the can.a watering can drawing tutorial

  7. Draw one more handle.

    Draw a semi-circle on top of the can body, just inside the upper edge, to represent the handle. This semi-circle should be a smooth, even curve.easy way to draw a watering can

  8. Color the drawing.

    Color the watering can with a shade of your choice, typically a light blue or green for a classic look. The spout and handle can be the same color or slightly darker for depth.how to draw a watering can step by step easy

Additional Content

Good news, my budding artists! I’ve crafted a special treat for you – a free downloadable PDF of my watering can lesson. This handy file is a brief version of our full lesson.It’s perfect for keeping the kids engaged with their art anywhere, at any time.

Just download, print if you’d like, and carry it along on your artistic endeavors. You could be in the comfort of your home or under a tree in the park – this PDF is your personal art teacher, ready whenever inspiration strikes!

Alternative Drawing Method

Guess what, my artistic adventurers? Alongside our regular lesson, I’ve whipped up an extra drawing technique for the watering can to help you flex those creative muscles even more. This additional method will challenge you in new and exciting ways, sharpening your skills and expanding your artistic repertoire.

Watering Can Drawing from a Different Angle

This alternative method presents a different agle on drawing a watering can. It’s designed to enhance your understanding of shapes and angles, helping you to visualize and render objects from various viewpoints.

With only five steps, it offers a straightforward approach to sketching a watering can tilted and ready for action, adding dynamic to your skills. This technique is perfect for expanding your artistic vision and gives a fresh take on a common subject, making it an exciting challenge for budding artists.

how to draw a watering can step by step

Upgrade Your Watering Can Art

You’ve just taken a big leap in your art journey by completing this watering can drawing. Great work! But the fun doesn’t stop here – let’s gear up and polish your skills even further. Here are some handy tips to “water” your growing talent:

  • Steady Does It: Keep your hand steady, but don’t grip the pencil too tight. A relaxed hand draws smoother lines.
  • Shade with Care: Practice shading to add depth to your watering can. Where do you think the light hits? Where might the shadows fall? My article on light and shadows will help you.
  • Go Beyond the Lines: Maybe your can is in a garden, waiting for a watering adventure?
  • Details Make Difference: Add some dents or dirt to give your can character. What story has it been through?

Keep these tips in your back pocket for the next time you tackle a drawing. Remember, every great artist was once a beginner, just like you. Your drawings will get better with every try, and soon, you’ll be teaching others how to bring their creativity to life.


Well done, little artists! You’ve completed the watering can artwork, but the fun doesn’t have to stop here. Hop over to my website and check out the vast array of lessons we have. Fancy sketching an anime character or mastering the scales of a fearsome dragon? It’s all there waiting for you!

And remember, art is an endless journey of learning, so be sure to connect with me on social media to catch every exciting update. Let’s keep our pencils busy and our imaginations wild!

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