How to Draw a Cat for Kids

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In this Tutorial, I Will Show You How to Draw a Cat for Kids.

How to draw a cat for kids
how to draw a cat step by step

As you can see from the preview, this tutorial on how to draw a cat for kids will be really simple. I tried to achieve this simplicity by getting rid of the extra details and making the cat as minimalistic as possible.

Table of Contents

Introduction on How to Draw a Cat for Kids

When drawing things like cats or other animals, you need to understand that it is not necessary to draw all the small details. One of the main skills for any artist is that he must be able to depict the most important things and leave out unnecessary details.

Such minimalism in the drawing will help the child to focus on the most important thing, that is, on large shapes, such as the head, paws, tail, etc.

If you follow all the steps of this simple tutorial, you will end up with a very minimalistic but beautiful drawing of a cat, devoid of unnecessary details.

Further, if the child wants to make his drawing of a cat more detailed and lively, he can add additional elements such as fur texture, shadows, and so on. But for now, as I said, we will focus on the most important details and try to depict this cute animal using this instruction.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Step-by-Step Cat Drawing Tutorial

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Cat for Kids

  1. Sketch out the head of the kitty.

    Firstly, draw a horizontally located oval with uneven side edges. At this stage we are already depicting the main outlines of the cat’s head.
    1 how to draw a cat for kids very easy

  2. Draw the ears of the cat.

    Ears look like a couple of triangles. Don’t forget to draw a line on the inner sides of the ears. The ears of almost all cats are pointed at the top and always point upward.

  3. Depict the eyes of the pet.

    First, sketch out the almond-shaped outlines of the eyes, and then the pupils inside them. By changing the position of the pupils you can change the direction of your drawn cat’s gaze.

  4. Add the mouth and nose of the cat.

    The nose looks like a triangle and the mouth looks like the number 3. Draw the whiskers. Please note that the drawing of the cat seems to be smiling at you.

  5. Draw the front legs.

    Use long and smooth lines for the front legs. Using small rounded lines draw the cat’s fingers. Well, now our pet has become more cute and alive.

  6. Depict the hind legs.

    Just add a few smooth rounded lines to create the hind legs and the back of the animal. The cat’s hind legs should look slightly more massive than the front legs.

  7. Sketch out the tail.

    To do this, use a couple of long and flowing lines. The tail should look like a question mark. In addition, remove all unnecessary lines from your cat drawing at this stage.

  8. Color the cat drawing.

    I decided to paint the kitten yellow, but as you can imagine, you are free to use any color you want here. In addition, you can add some shadows.

Improving Your Artwork

So, the lesson on how to draw a cat has come to an end, and it’s time to tell you a few important tricks that will help make your cat drawing even better.

To begin with, you can draw the environment in which the pet lives. For example, draw a sofa, pillows and other things that you can find at home in the background.

Or you can draw not only a kitten, but also a person who is holding this very cute animal in his arms.

Additional Content

And as I promised you in previous drawing instructions, I am publishing a shortened version of my lesson about this cute kitty. Save this picture and share it with your friends. This picture is made in a slightly different format than the one that was at the very beginning of the lesson.

And of course, the PDF version of this drawing lesson. In addition to the tutorial itself, you will find a coloring page, tracing worksheet, and grid drawing worksheet.

I have tried to make this cat drawing tutorial as simple as possible. I try to improve my drawing instructions with every new article, and I ask you only to share the instructions published on the pages of

Conclusion on How to Draw a Cat for Kids

So, as you may have noticed, the cat drawing lesson was really simple. In just 8 steps you could learn how to draw a cute kitten. Also using the tips given above, you can make your cat drawing even better and more interesting.

If you have drawn this cute animal and you don’t like the result, then don’t be upset. Try to start the whole process all over again, from the very first step, because not a single artist in the world has yet drawn a masterpiece on the first try.

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