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Form, Volume, and Construction

To correctly depict objects on paper or canvas, you need to know what form, volume, and construction are. This article will introduce you to these basic concepts.

shape and volume in art

So, the main characteristics of any object are the shape, volume, and construction. These concepts are inextricably linked with each other.

Form is a geometric quantity that characterizes the outlines of an object. It uses the basic concepts of points, lines, and simple geometric shapes. Form is a quality characteristic.

Volume is a three-dimensional quantity and is a spatial characteristic of an object, because any object has a height, width, and length. To make any object three-dimensional, you need to show its form in space and draw chiaroscuro.

3d shape volumes

Construction is the mutual arrangement of the parts of an object, the structure of its form. The construction involves the relationship of individual elements and their relationship.

In drawing, the construction consists of a logical combination of planar and volumetric forms, which are structured and combined.

In order to depict any objects well on paper, it is necessary to learn to see the internal structure of each object, that is, its construction. No matter how complex an object may seem, you can always see simple geometric forms in it.

construction volume

For example, a mug is shaped like a vertical cylinder, a cardboard box is shaped like a cube, an apple is shaped like a ball. The rectangle is a constructive form of a two-story house, and the trihedral prism is the roof.

Simple geometric shapes combined with each other give more complex shapes. Even the body of a person or animal can be conventionally depicted in the form of geometric shapes interconnected in a certain way.

shape, volume, and construction art


The ability to see objects as a set of geometric bodies is one of the important skills of any artist. Train these skills in yourself, and you will better understand the construction of subject forms.

Now you have learned about what the form, volume, and construction of an object are. Be observant and comprehend the external outlines of the object and its internal structure. Try to see simple geometric shapes in any object. Such skills will help you correctly depict any three-dimensional objects on a plane.

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