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What is Hatching

An important step in learning fine art is to study the basic techniques, and now I will tell you what is hatching. This is a technique that is used to create tone with thin, parallel lines.

what is hatching in art

The challenge for any novice artist is to learn how to draw confident, continuous lines without lifting the pencil or stopping the movement of the hand. Try a little practice and you will quickly understand what is hatching.

A few simple exercises will help you. Try to draw several diagonal lines, and at the same time try to maintain the same distance between them. Then, without turning the paper over, draw a series of vertical and horizontal lines.

Try changing the pressure and tilt of the pencil and see how the shading changes. In one drawing, you can combine different hatching methods, depending on the desired effect, color, or tone.

what is hatching in drawing

Draw any geometric shapes and try to fill them with dashed lines. In this case, you can use parallel strokes or a grid.

In the process of work, make sure that the dashed lines do not go beyond the outline of the drawing. You can also try filling geometric shapes with lines at different angles. This will be a great workout for you.

After you learn how to create a gradient on simple shapes, you will find it easier to work with more complex objects and models.

what is hatching art

Hatching helps to convey the volume in the two-dimensional space of a sheet of paper. Hatching can consist not only of their straight lines, but also of rounded, broken or wavy lines.

Such lines help to more accurately depict the shape and texture of the object. The saturation of the tone depends on the intensity and thickness of the strokes, as well as on the spaces between them.

what is hatching lesson


The closer the strokes are to each other, the deeper the tone will be. The degree of saturation of strokes depends on the force of pressure. The ideal tool for this technique is a graphite or mechanical pencil. The better the pencil is sharpened, the thinner and neater the strokes will be.

Now you have learned what hatching is, and you can safely put this knowledge into practice. I recommend to study other useful articles and master the basic principles of drawing.

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