How to Draw a Gorilla For Kids

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Learn how to draw a gorilla for kids with this super easy step by step drawing tutorials created for kids, their parents, and art teachers.

how to draw a gorilla for kids
How to draw a gorilla for kids - step by step drawing tutorial

Gorillas are very interesting animals whose appearance is very recognizable.

Gorillas are not only the largest monkeys but also the most common in popular culture.

You could see this animal in a variety of films, books, games, and cartoons. For example, the most famous gorillas are King Kong, Donkey Kong, and Magilla Gorilla.

Having learned how to draw a gorilla, with the help of this drawing tutorial, you can just as easily depict any other gorilla, simply by adding the necessary attributes and features to the drawing.

Directions on How to Draw a Gorilla for Kids


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies (optional)

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Gorilla for Kids

  1. Draw the outlines of the head and torso

    The head should look like a pear and the torso should look like a big bean.How to draw a gorilla

  2. Draw the outlines of the face

    Gradually draw the outline of the face. Start at the top, then draw a nose and lip oval around the large to draw a simple easy gorilla

  3. Draw the eyes and mouth

    First of all, draw the round eyes, then the similar round pupils inside them. Then draw a smiling mouth inside the to draw a gorilla face

  4. Draw the arms

    Start by sketching the upper part of the limbs, then, at the lower part, draw the hands, clenched into to draw an easy gorilla

  5. Draw the legs

    As in the previous step, start by drawing the upper parts of the legs, then draw the feet. The legs should be noticeably smaller than the to draw a cartoon gorilla easy

  6. Draw details on the body

    Draw the details of the chest on the torso. Next, use zigzag lines to draw the hair on the lower parts of the arms and to draw a gorilla easy

  7. Draw details on the head

    First, draw rounded ears on the sides of the head. Then draw the fur on the top of the head and on the neck.gorilla drawing tutorial

  8. Erase the guidelines

    Using an eraser, remove any extra lines from the gorilla drawing. You can outline the gorilla drawing with a dark pencil to make it more to draw a cartoon gorilla

  9. Color the gorilla drawing

    In order to color the gorilla drawing, I used brown and beige, but you can use gray and to draw a gorilla for kids

To make your gorilla drawing even more interesting, you can complement it by drawing some additional elements.

  • You can draw jungle, beautiful trees, and some kind of animals
  • Alternatively, you can add a few more other gorillas in the background
  • You can also draw other animals, such as birds or butterflies, to make the drawing even more vivid.

To use this gorilla step-by-step drawing tutorial, and all additional materials, you can download the completely free PDF file, which I created especially for you: Gorilla Drawing Tutorial and Extra Printables.

Thanks for using my drawing instructions. I really hope they help you improve your drawing skills.

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