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How to Draw a Stove

Today in this simple tutorial you will learn how to draw a stove in just nine easy steps with helpful tips.

simple drawing stove for kids
how to draw a stove step by step

In this lesson, I will show you how to draw a stove. This guide consists of ten simple steps, each of which includes a visual aid and a small hint.

I suggest you complete a new exciting lesson and now you will see how to draw a stove step by step. The task is very simple and any beginner artist can quickly complete it.

Pictured here is an electric oven, which is very convenient to use. The stove has a hob with burners, a control panel, and an oven. All elements are very simple and their repetition should not cause difficulties.

This lesson uses simple geometric shapes and here you will train the ability to make straight lines and circles. Try not to use improvised tools and do all the lines yourself. These skills will definitely come in handy in the future when you draw other, more complex objects.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Stove

  1. Draw the sides.

    Depict two straight vertical lines.how to draw a cartoon stove

  2. Add the top and bottom outline.

    Draw two horizontal lines to make an even rectangle.how to draw a stove easy

  3. Depict the border of the control panel.

    At this stage, sketch out a horizontal line at the top.simple drawing of a stove

  4. Draw the sides of the oven.

    Depict two straight vertical lines.cartoon stove drawing

  5. Add the top and bottom outline of the oven.

    Sketch out two horizontal lines to make a closed path.easy stove drawing

  6. Add the burners and handle to the oven.

    Use straight lines to draw two burners. Draw a straight horizontal line across the top of the oven.stove drawing lesson

  7. Sketch out the control panel.

    Depict a rectangle and four identical circles.stove drawing tutorial

  8. Detail the control panel and knob on the oven.

    Add the necessary elements to each switch and draw the top of the handle on the oven.stove drawing guide

  9. Color the stove.

    You will need several shades of gray.simple drawing stove for kids

Another lesson completed! I hope you have a great drawing and you are proud of yourself. You can complete your drawing and draw the dishes on the stove. Use your creative imagination to achieve the best result.

As a reminder, you can now download a simplified PDF version of the guide for free. You can use this file whenever you want to draw, even if you don’t have Internet access.

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