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How to Draw Among Us for Kindergarten

Simple Among Us Drawing Instruction for Preschoolers

How to Draw Among Us for Kindergarten
How to draw among us step by step for kindergarten

Dear friends, I invite you to another drawing lesson. Here you will draw the popular character Among Us for kindergarten. This is the hero of a computer game. Now many children and adolescents are passionate about this computer game and enjoy spending time in search of a traitor. The game is interesting and in some ways useful because it develops strategic thinking. This game can be played from the computer and from the phone.

Among As looks like a little strange man in the form of an astronaut. It can be of different colors. Among Us has a spacesuit glass in the front and a knapsack in the back.

The image of Among Us can be seen everywhere. He is depicted on clothes, on backpacks, on stationery, in print media. Perhaps you even have a notebook or notepad depicting Among Us. Also, toys are now on sale that depicts this character.

This tutorial will be very easy and fun for you. The lesson contains just a few simple steps, and you can easily cope with this task. Try to draw the main outline of this hero correctly, and drawing the rest of the elements will not be difficult. So, let’s start drawing our hero.

Time needed: 10 minutes

How to Draw Among Us for Kindergarten

  1. Draw the outline of the torso.

    The body has the shape of an oval, below there are two short rounded legs.How to Draw an Among Us for Kindergarten

  2. Depict the glass of the spacesuit.

    Determine the position of the glass and draw an oval with a smooth line.How to Draw an Among Us for Kindergarten easy

  3. Draw a satchel behind the back.

    Draw a smooth, rounded line to the side of the torso.Among Us for Kindergarten drawing

  4. Color Among Us.

    Use blue for the torso and blue for the glass of the spacesuit.how-to-draw-among-us-for-kids

Now you have learned how to draw this popular hero. I hope that Among As turned out well and you are happy with the result. You can draw several characters at once and paint them in different colors. It will be fun! Make your drawing vibrant and rich. Share the result in the comments and show the drawing to your friends.

I have prepared a PDF version of this tutorial especially for you. This file contains helpful tools for completing the tutorial. Download the file and draw in any free time.

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