How to Draw a Car Easy

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how to draw a car easy for kids

how to draw a car

This is another instruction on drawing cars on, in which I will show you how to draw a car easy.

To draw a car, you will need a pencil or marker, as well as a sheet of paper. At the very end of the instruction on how to draw a car easy, you can use a set of paints, colored pencils, or markers for coloring.

Step 1

We are drawing a sports car, which means we need to depict a stylish sporty silhouette.

car art

Step 2

Now depict the caricatured tall wheel arches and the flowing lines of the window frame.

how to draw a car very easy

Step 3

Now add a couple more smooth, curved lines to depicture the top edge of the window frame and windshield.

how to draw a small car

Step 4

Now depict a door and a small neat mirror. After that depict a small handle on the door.

how to draw for kids

Step 5

Now depict huge cartoon wheels inside the arches previously depicted.

car drawing guide

Step 6

Let’s add details to the car drawing to make it look more interesting and completed.

learn how to draw a car

Step 7

To give your car drawing an even more complete look, get rid of any remaining construction lines.

car drawing

Step 8

Now depict the shape of the rims as shown in the image below these words.

how to draw a car for kids

Step 9

I decided to paint the car red, the glasses in gray, and the wheels in the shades of dark gray.

how to draw a car easy for kids

But you can of course paint the car any other color. For example, replace red with yellow or any other color.

How to draw a car easy for kids

If this instruction on how to draw a car easy was really interesting and useful to you, then go to the Cars category, where you will find a huge number of different instructions about vehicles.

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