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How to Draw a Beetle

Today in this easy tutorial you will learn how to draw a beetle in just nine easy steps with helpful tips.

beetle drawing tutorial
how to draw a beetle step by step

In this tutorial, I want to show you how to draw a beetle. With the help of simple instruction, you can easily draw this insect and you can apply the acquired skills in the future.

Now I want to show in detail how to draw a beetle. The world of insects is very diverse and on our planet, there are many types of beetles that differ in shape, size, and color.

In this lesson, an exciting specimen is presented, similar to the cockchafer. This beetle has a rounded abdomen, on the sides of which paws are located. On the head, there are antennae, which are the sense organ.

You will easily draw a beetle thanks to a simple step-by-step guide. Each step is shown and contains a small hint, thanks to this you will be able to draw all the elements correctly and you will get a good result, even if you have not drawn such a beetle before.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Beetle

  1. Draw the head.

    The head consists of two rounded elements.how to draw a beetle easy

  2. Depict the antennae.

    From the head, add short lines for the antennae and add teardrop-shaped elements at the ends.how to draw a beetle art hub

  3. Sketch out the upper part of the belly.

    From the head draw the part of the belly using smooth lines.how to draw a cute beetle

  4. Add the main part of the belly.

    This is the largest element. In this step, use a smooth rounded line.how to draw a cute cartoon beetle

  5. Add details.

    Draw a curved line in the central part of the belly and depict thin longitudinal lines.how to draw an easy beetle

  6. Depict the first pair of legs.

    Draw legs on each side of the torso. how to draw a realistic beetle

  7. Sketch out the second pair of legs.

    At the bottom, draw the next two legs of the same shape as in the example.how to draw a simple beetle

  8. Add the third pair of legs.

    Sketch out the rest of the legs.beetle drawing easy

  9. Color the beetle.

    Use gray. If you want the beetle to look more realistic, then add shadows and highlights.beetle drawing tutorial

Fine! Now you know how to draw a beetle. You can improve your drawing and add an environment. For example, you can draw a leaf or a flower with a bug sitting on it. Show your creative imagination and make your drawing bright and rich!

Finally, I suggest you download the short version of the lesson as a PDF file. Thus, you can always return to the lesson, even if the Internet is not available.

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