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How to Draw a Cat Face

Uncover the secrets of creating charming cat portraits with my step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a cat face. I’ve designed five unique methods to suit any artistic approach, simplifying complex features into adorable illustrations. This guide will equip you with the skills to render a cat’s face in various expressions and styles.

how to draw a cat face
how to draw a cat face step by step

How to Draw a Cat Face: Basic Information

Welcome to my creative corner, where today I’ll guide you through the charming process of how to draw a cat face. This lesson is designed with simplicity in mind, allowing artists of all ages to capture the whimsy of a feline’s features. The cat face we are drawing has a roundness and softness that convey the cuddliness cats are loved for.

Focusing on the cat face in this drawing, you’ll notice that the eyes are like windows to a playful soul, and the nose and mouth hint at a mischievous smirk. I’ve broken down the process into intuitive steps, enabling you to bring out these traits with ease. The ears are perky and alert, adding to the overall adorable expression.

By the end of this tutorial, to draw a cat face will be a task you can approach with confidence and creativity. My method ensures that you’ll not only sketch a cat face but infuse it with character and life. The gentle curves and subtle lines will come together, making your cat face not just a drawing, but a story waiting to be told.

Cat Face Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Cat Face

  1. Draw the outline of the head.

    At this stage, sketch out an even oval.how to draw a cat face easy

  2. Depict the eyes.

    Approximately in the middle of the head, draw two identical ovals.how to draw a cat face realistic

  3. Sketch out the nose.

    Just below eye level, depict the small nose.how to draw a cat face art hub

  4. Depict the mouth.

    From the nose, add two rounded lines in different directions.how to draw a cat face cute

  5. Sketch out the ears.

    Depict two pointed ears on the head.how to draw a cat face simple

  6. Add the inner outline of the ears.

    Inside each ear, draw lines that are parallel to the outer outline.how to draw a cat face cartoon

  7. Draw the whiskers.

    Sketch out three small lines on each side.how to draw a cute cat face easy

  8. Correct inaccuracies.

    Using the eraser, carefully remove any extra lines.how to draw a realistic cat face easy

  9. Color the easy cat face.

    You will need black, pink and gray. Add highlights to the eyes.how to draw a cat face

Additional Content

For those moments when you’re away from your device but the urge to depict strikes, I’ve compiled a free, downloadable PDF version of our cat face drawing lesson. This concise guide retains all the charm and instructional value of the full tutorial, distilled into a handy format that’s perfect for offline use.

It’s the ideal tool for practice and perfecting your technique, no matter where you find yourself. Keep it on your device, print it out, and let it be your constant creative companion, ready to help you capture the essence of a cat’s face whenever inspiration paws at your door.

Alternative Drawing Techniques

Moreover, in addition to the primary lesson, I’ve crafted several alternative techniques for drawing cat faces, each designed to broaden your artistic horizon and sharpen your skills.

These varied approaches offer new perspectives and challenges, encouraging you to experiment with different styles and strokes that capture the diverse personalities of our feline friends. By practicing with these techniques, you’ll not only refine your ability to draw cat faces but also enhance your overall artistic repertoire.

How to Draw a Cat Face: Extra Practice

This alternative cat face drawing technique may appear similar to the first at a glance, but it serves a valuable purpose in reinforcing the skills you’ve begun to develop. We start here to refine the subtleties in the curvature of the face, the placement of the eyes, and the delicate lines that form the mouth and nose.

By revisiting these elements with a slight variation in technique, you can practice your precision and attention to detail. It’s an excellent way to solidify the basics, ensuring your foundation is strong as we build towards more complex drawing skills.

cat face step by step drawing tutorial

Yellow-Eyed Cat Face Drawing Tutorial

Now, let’s delve into a more captivating variation – the face of a yellow-eyed cat. This intriguing alternative shifts our focus to the gleaming, amber-like eyes that add depth and personality to our feline subject.

The process carefully balances the striking color contrast with the delicate features of the cat’s face, ensuring that the eyes become a mesmerizing focal point. This technique is not only about capturing the likeness but also about infusing your artwork with character and soul.

cat head step by step drawing tutorial

How to Draw a Cat Face for Kindergarten

Absolutely, catering to the youngest of artists and absolute beginners is just as important. That’s why I’ve created an ultra-simple method for drawing a cat face, with only four steps and the barest of details. This method is designed to be accessible for kindergarten-age children or anyone starting from scratch.

It focuses on the joy of creation rather than the complexity of the subject, allowing budding artists to celebrate every line and curve as they bring their cat face to life. With this approach, the thrill of drawing is made delightful and straightforward, paving the way for a love of art that can grow and evolve over time.

cat face step by step drawing tutorial

Realistic Cat Face Drawing Guide

This advanced alternative method is tailored for artists poised to embrace the challenge of realism in their work. It’s a comprehensive guide to drawing a realistic cat face, with a deep dive into the subtleties that make a cat’s expression genuinely lifelike.

We’ll tackle the intricate play of light and shadow, the fine fur detailing, and the captivating realism of the cat’s eyes. This method is not just about drawing; it’s about observing, understanding, and translating the essence of the feline form into art.

realistic cat face step by step drawing guide


As we gently lay down our pencils and step back to admire the whiskered work of art we’ve created together, remember, this is just one of many joyful jaunts through the art kingdom waiting for you. My website is a kaleidoscope of lessons, from sketching the sleek lines of an iPad to proud stripes of the American flag.

For a peek into upcoming artistic voyages, be sure to follow me on social media – you won’t want to miss what’s next! And if there’s a drawing desire that’s tickling your fancy, leave a comment below. Your wish might just be my next drawing challenge. Together, let’s turn those blank pages into a gallery of imagination!

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