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How to Draw an American Flag

This lesson on how to draw an American flag will help you learn how to draw this symbol of the United States of America.

You will learn the basic proportions and elements of the flag, such as stripes and stars. During the lesson, you will use various drawing techniques to create a great drawing of the flag.

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Basic Information on How to Draw an American Flag

A lesson on how to draw an American flag will be very useful for you. First, let’s look at what elements make up the American flag in this picture. Traditionally, the flag is a rectangular canvas with a certain image. The canvas is attached to a flagpole – this is a metal, wooden, or plastic stand.

With my simple and detailed instructions, you will easily draw all the elements of the American flag. Particular attention should be paid to applying the image on the flag. The American flag has 13 stripes.

To make the American flag look realistic, make sure that the number of lines is the same as in the example, and the distance between the lines should be the same. You must also position the 50 white stars at the top of the flag correctly.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw an American Flag

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw an American Flag

  1. Start drawing the flagpole.

    To do this very simple step, you have to draw just one straight vertical line. If you plan to draw the US flag in the center of the paper, place this line well to the left of the center of the paper.how to draw an american flag step by step

  2. Complete the drawing of the flagpole.

    Add another straight vertical line parallel to the previously drawn one and connect their ends. There are no sharp corners on the top of the flagpole as you can see.how to draw an american flag easy

  3. Draw the bottom outline of the flag.

    From the middle of the previously drawn line draw a curved wavy line. In our case, there are no strong and sharp bends in this line.how to draw an american flag easy for kids

  4. Add the top outline of the flag.

    This will be a little more difficult than the last step. Try to draw this line as parallel as possible to the line from the previous step. In our case, the sizes of these lines are also equal.how to draw an american flag easy step by step

  5. Depict the side outline of the flag.

    On the right side, connect the ends of the two previously drawn lines with a straight line. Check again that the horizontal lines of our flag are parallel.how to draw an american flag for kids easy

  6. Start drawing the pattern on the flag.

    Depict a figure that looks like an angle with one curved side in the upper left corner of the flag. The horizontal part of this square should be parallel to the bottom of the flag. Pay attention to this bend, it is an important detail.an american flag drawing guide

  7. Add the stripes on the flag.

    If you are in our US flag drawing tutorial, you probably know that the main part of the flag is formed by 13 stripes. Draw it symmetrically and parallel.an american flag drawing tutorial

  8. Draw the stars.

    Everyone also knows that the American flag has 50 stars. Pay attention to the location and shape of these stars. Draw it like in our example.easy way to draw an american flag

  9. Color the drawing.

    We did not draw shadows or highlights on the US flag. If you want to add more complexity to your design, you can add these details or fabric texture.how to draw an american flag step by step easy

Additional Content

For your convenience, I have prepared a PDF file in advance in which you will find quick instructions, a coloring sheet, a tracing worksheet and a grid drawing worksheet. All of these materials are free and contain basic information on how to draw an American flag step by step. You can download the file right now and then use it at any convenient time, even if you don’t have Internet access.

Alternative Way to Learn How to Draw an American Flag

To help you improve your drawing skills, I offer you another method of drawing the American flag. Don’t worry, this lesson won’t be any more difficult.

How to Draw an American Flag Step by Step

This is a simple instruction consisting of only nine easy steps. This tutorial depicts a more wavy step. You’ll start with the flagpole and then draw thirteen horizontal, alternating red and white stripes. At the end you will need to carefully add fifty five-pointed white stars.

how to draw a flag step by step

Improve Your Skills

To consolidate the skills you have acquired, I recommend that you practice additionally and draw several flags of other countries. Use the same principles you learned in the American Flag drawing tutorial and draw the flagpole and outer outline of the canvas.

You can find images of flags of other countries on the Internet, or you can draw flags that you already know well. On my site there are drawing lessons of Canadian and Mexican flags if you need to return to the beginning of the lesson and revise those moments that seem difficult. Practice as often as possible and improve your artistic skills.

If necessary, go back to the beginning of the lesson and review any points that seem difficult. Practice as typically as possible and improve your artistic skills.


The lesson on drawing the American flag has come to an end. Let me know if you liked this step-by-step guide? Let me remind you that the announcement of new lessons is presented on the pages of my social networks. Subscribe if you haven’t already and stay tuned for updates on the site.

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