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How to Draw Gyarados

I have prepared for you a new lesson on how to draw Gyarados. It will be an interesting lesson and a useful lesson.

gyarados drawing for kids
how to draw gyarados step by step

I propose to draw an unusual character, and now you will learn how to draw Gyarados. It is a dual-type snake-like Pokémon that can fly and swim. Gyarados has a long, scaly body. It is very similar to the dragon from Chinese culture.

The upper body is bright blue and the underparts are light beige, and there are several fins on the body. The mouth is very large and sharp teeth are visible. This gives the character an intimidating look. Gyarados is able to evolve and take on a more formidable form.

The instruction contains nine simple steps that even a beginner can easily follow. Each step in this instruction is visualized and supplemented with a small hint that will help you correctly depict the next element.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Gyarados

  1. Draw the spikes on the head.

    Depict a figure that has a common base and three long pointed processes.how to draw gyarados easy

  2. Depict the front of the muzzle.

    Under the spikes, draw the eyes and then depict the wide open mouth.how to draw gyarados pokemon

  3. Add the rest of the muzzle elements.

    Draw the nostrils, tongue, teeth, outer contour of the mouth.how to draw gyarados art hub

  4. Sketch out the fins on the head.

    Use curved lines to draw several fins of different shapes.how to draw gyarados cute

  5. Draw the thin mustache.

    On the sides of the head, depict down two curved lines.how to draw gyarados quickly

  6. Add the torso.

    Consistently draw the elements that make up the body of the Pokémon.gyarados drawing lesson

  7. Depict the fins and tail.

    Add some spiky fins on the top of the body and draw the tail.gyarados drawing tutorial

  8. Detail the color.

    Mark the outline where the body color will differ.gyarados drawing guide

  9. Color the Gyarados.

    To color the character you will need blue, beige, and purple.gyarados drawing for kids

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