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How to Draw a Dinosaur

If you want to learn how to draw a dinosaur, you are in the right place. Today I will show you many dinosaur drawing guides that I created especially for this article.

how to draw a dinosaur
How to draw a dinosaur step by step

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Basic Information on How to Draw a Dinosaur

So, how to draw a dinosaur? I tried to answer this question with some very simple drawing lessons. It certainly doesn’t look like a scary, realistic dinosaur in a dynamic pose. I decided to use a cartoonish, simplistic style to create a simple dinosaur that looks like a toy or a children’s cartoon character. To achieve this effect, I used smooth, rounded lines, cartoonish proportions, and a minimum of detail.

I paid special attention to the facial features of our dinosaur. Here, smooth rounded contour lines are combined with minimalistic facial features. The mouth literally looks like two simple lines, the eye looks like an oval with a highlight inside. I also did not use complex shadows, detailed drawing of eyes or teeth, or paint texture. At the same time, in our dinosaur the basic proportions are preserved and the contours of the body parts are respected.

If you want to draw a more realistic dinosaur, change the smile inside the outline of the dinosaur’s face, draw much smaller eyes, and get rid of the excessive roundness of the outlines.

So let’s get started!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw a Dinosaur

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Dinosaur

  1. Draw the head of the dinosaur.

    Depict an approximate outline of the head with a small smooth smile line. Place this just above the center of the paper if you are planning to draw a dinosaur with a long neck.
    how to draw a dinosaur easy

  2. Draw the neck.

    Add two smooth vertical lines like in our example. The front line in this step is much longer than the back line. Overall, the two lines should form a figure that widens slightly downward.how to draw for kids

  3. Depict the torso.

    Great, now draw a round, small body. If they had drawn a more realistic dinosaur, there would have been a larger and more elongated figure. As I said, rounding the shapes creates a simpler, more cartoonish style.
    drawing a dinosaur for kids

  4. Sketch the legs.

    Draw a pair of short, rounded legs that resemble the paws of a stuffed animal. There should be a small distance between the legs as in our illustration.
    dinosaur drawing tutorial

  5. Add the remaining legs.

    Due to the angle and pose of our dinosaur, we almost cannot see the paws that are farthest from us. Therefore, in this step, you need to draw only two small smooth lines that are located as if behind the front paws.
    dinosaur drawing lesson

  6. Detail the dinosaur.

    Avoid re-detailing to maintain a cartoon style. Draw the outlines of the eyes, nails, and lines on the inside of the torso. This area of the body will be painted a lighter color.
    how to draw a dinosaur for kids

  7. Color the dinosaur.

    Use any colors you like. The best choice would be shades of green or brown. Don’t forget about the highlight inside the eye and the light part on the lower part of the body.
    how to draw a dinosaur

Additional Сontent

So the dinosaur drawing tutorial is over. To be able to draw this ancient creature without the Internet, use the free PDF version of the lesson, which contains all the stages of this guide and some really helpful additions.

Alternative Ways to Draw a Dinosaur

Here I will introduce other ways to draw a dinosaur in a cartoon style. Choose any method that is ideal for you.

Method 1: Dinosaur Step by Step Drawing

This tutorial has a slightly different sequence of steps and a slightly different drawing principle. It’s more like the classic step-by-step method using simple geometric shapes. And, this is real very convenient. Using circles and ovals is especially useful if we are drawing someone in a simplified or cartoon style. In such drawings, even in the final version, there are a lot of smooth and rounded shapes.

how to draw a dinosaur step by step

Method 2: How to Draw a Dinosaur for Kindergarten

This is the easiest dinosaur drawing tutorial ever. In this lesson I also used a step-by-step drawing method, but at the same time I excluded all the details that could complicate the lesson. I changed the rounded paws to rectangular ones and eliminated the highlights inside the eye contour.

Method 3: How to Draw a Cartoon Dinosaur

For this simple tutorial I decided to use a Stegosaurus as a prototype. This is a famous dinosaur with bony plates on its back. However, I use very simple figures and a step-by-step method that is very familiar to us. If you want a little variety in drawing dinosaurs while still maintaining a simple cartoon style, this drawing guide is a great choice.

how to draw a cartoon dinosaur step by step

Method 4: How to Draw a Simple Dinosaur

This is another dinosaur drawing guide. In this case, I drew a large dinosaur with a long neck and a small tail. This order of drawing steps is different from several previous lessons. But this is quite similar to our main drawing tutorial. The body and tail of this dinosaur look like a large comma. Otherwise, the same rounded and smooth lines as in other lessons. However, here the claws on the paws of our dinosaur are drawn quite carefully.

Method 5: How to Draw a Cute Dinosaur

In this final tutorial I will show you another way to draw a very simple and cute dinosaur with a short tail and a very long neck. To draw this dino, use simple geometric shapes like in my example. Avoid unnecessary details other than highlights inside the eye contour.

how to draw a dino step by step

Method 6: How to Draw a T-Rex Easy

In this example, I decided to show another version of the proportions of a dinosaur’s body with powerful hind limbs and a large head. This is what Tyrannosaurus Rex looked like, for example, one of the most famous predatory dinosaurs. Of course, I abandoned realistic details, but tried to take into account the basic proportions of this prehistoric animal.

how to draw a t-rex easy step by step


Drawing dinosaurs is a very exciting activity, isn’t it? I hope you had a great time with my tutorials. Draw as many dinosaurs as possible in different poses and different styles if you want to learn how to do it at the level of a real master. By the way, I am very happy about your subscriptions and comments on my social networks. Thanks a lot!

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