How to Draw a Dragon for Kids

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How to draw a dragon for kids

Dragons are mythical creatures that attract admiring and bewitched views of children. On this page, we suggest you learn how to draw a dragon for kids in just a few steps. Any child can learn how to draw a dragon with the help of parents and our step-by-step instructions.


Step 1

In the very first step, we outline the round ready and torso of the dragon. We connect these two geometric shapes with two curved lines, creating a neck.

How to draw dragon

Step 2

Now with the help of extremely simple lines we sketch out short arms and large legs. At the end of the step we outline the wings of our dragon.

How to draw a dragon step by step

Step 3

Let’s outline the details of the dragon head. We first outline the eyes, then the mouth, as shown in the example below.

How to draw a dragon for kids

Step 4

Now we sketch the pupils inside the eyes of the dragon. Next we outline the horns and ears of our mythical creature. Next we sketch the nostrils and sharp teeth.

Learn how to draw a dragon

Step 5

Probably the easiest step of the lesson about how to draw a dragon for kids. Here you just need to draw the lines on the front of the body.

How to draw a dragon step by step easy

Step 6

Another extremely simple step of the lesson on how to draw a dragon. Here we will draw spikes on the back and tail. Next, we outline the claws on the arms and legs.

How to draw a dragon for beginners

Step 7

Now grab an eraser and erase all unnecessary lines from the dragon drawing. If you exactly followed our instructions, then you will get such a dragon.

How to draw a dragon easy

Step 8

There is only one step left in which we will paint our dragon. You can color it either red or green, as in the picture below. Eyes can also be painted either red or yellow.

Dragon drawing tutorial

In this drawing tutorial we explained how to draw a dragon for kids. This lesson will suit for novice artists and people with specific experience in this field. And if your child wants to draw a dragon, then step-by-step drawing will make this task much easier. At the end of the step, we would also like to say that you can paint this dragon either with paints or with colored pencils. In order to improve your skills in drawing dragons, just try to practice as often as possible.


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