How to Draw a Mushroom for Kids

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how to draw a mushroom

Today I will tell you about how to draw a mushroom. However, I would like to make a little warning. The mushroom that you see in this picture is a toxic thing. It can not be eaten. You can only draw it without harm to health. By the way, you can draw other mushrooms using this sketching and painting guide. You need to slightly change the form of the cap in the first step and paint the draft in the color you want.

Step 1

First, we depict an approximate outline of the stem and cap of the mushroom. As you can see, the fungus cap should look like an isosceles triangle with smooth corners.

How to draw a mushroom

Step 2

Add one smooth line that will make the mushroom cap more voluminous. Add a few small round shapes that are located at the very bottom of this amanita muscaria.

How to draw a mushroom easy

Step 3

If you draw the correct contours you can delete the extra lines from the previous steps. We draw the final contours again with a pencil so that they become darker.

How to draw a mushroom for kids

Step 4

I chose a fly agaric for today’s drawing. The main sign of this fungus is white circles on a bright red cap. Let’s draw the outlines of these circles.

How to draw a mushroom for beginners

Step 5

We end this drawing instruction and color our fly agaric.

How to draw a mushroom for kids

I would like to once again warn that a mushroom that looks like this is very poisonous. In no case do not touch such a mushroom, if you see it in the forest or in the park.

As I said, you can draw another boletus that is not so poisonous or not at all poisonous. Here are a couple of examples:

I also decided to take care that you can always have on hand a short version of this article. I hope that it will be convenient for you to draw with this scheme.

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