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How to Draw an Airplane

Future pilots and artists, grab your pencils! My fun tutorial on how to draw an airplane will guide kids through each easy step to create their own flying masterpiece!

Let’s embark on a drawing adventure, and I’ll guide you on how to draw an airplane! This guide is crafted just for kids who adore drawing and dreaming about soaring through the skies. I’ll walk you through every step, ensuring we have heaps of fun on our journey.

how to draw an airplane for beginners
how to draw an easy airplane step by step

Table of Contents

How to Draw an Airplane : Basic Information

Hey, sky-high adventurers! Get ready to spread your creative wings because today, I’ll learn how to draw an airplane with a super simple approach that’ll have you flying high with excitement!

Buckle up, as I guide you through each step of how to draw an airplane that’s as majestic as the ones zooming across the sky. We’ll start with the sleek, streamlined body that glides like an eagle, then add wings – the airplane’s trusty sidekicks that give it the power to soar!

No turbulence here – just smooth skies as you learn how to draw an airplane with ease. Our drawing adventure is perfect for young artists who are ready to take flight into the world of art. So grab those pencils, and let’s draw an airplane that can jet-set from your dreams onto the paper!

Airplane Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw an Airplane

  1. Draw the body of the airplane.

    Start by drawing a long, sleek oval shape on your paper, making sure it curves gently at both ends just like the airplane’s body shown in the example. Keep your lines smooth.how to draw an easy cartoon airplane

  2. Add the wing of the airplane.

    Directly in the center of the airplane’s body, carefully sketch out the wing with a long, narrow shape, ensuring it’s proportionate to the fuselage for a balanced look.how to draw an airplane for kids

  3. Depict the second wing.

    At the upper section of the airplane’s body, sketch the partial outline of the far wing, using a curved line to indicate its top edge visible from this perspective.how to draw an airplane easy

  4. Sketch out the tail.

    Now, gently sketch the airplane’s tail at the rear, and the stabilizer at the front, ensuring both shapes complement the body with their smooth, streamlined forms.how to draw an airplane simple

  5. Draw the portholes.

    Draw a series of uniform circles along the fuselage to represent portholes. Then, carefully sketch the front window on the cockpit, giving attention to its unique, curved shape.how to draw an airplane art hub

  6. Depict the turbines.

    Beneath the wing, draw the aircraft turbines with precision, ensuring they are of equal size and symmetrically placed for a balanced look on your airplane drawing.how to draw an airplane realistic

  7. Correct inaccuracies.

    Carefully use the eraser to clean up your airplane drawing, removing any sketch lines that are not part of the final design to create a crisp, clean look.how to draw an airplane cartoon

  8. Color the airplane.

    Unleash your creativity by selecting any palette you like to color your airplane. Whether you imagine classic shades or bold, unconventional streaks, make your plane uniquely yours.how to draw an airplane for beginners

Additional Content

I’ve got a special surprise for you: a cool PDF of our airplane drawing lesson. You can download it totally for free and take it with you wherever you go – no Wi-Fi required!

So next time you’re on a long car ride or hanging out in your backyard, you can grab your pencils and this PDF, and keep the drawing fun flying high, anytime, anywhere! How exciting is that? Grab your copy now and let’s keep creating together, no matter where we are!

Alternative Ways to Learn How to Draw an Airplane

Guess what, young artists? I thought, “Why stop at one angle when we can soar to new heights?” So, I’ve sketched out a fleet of planes from different viewpoints just for you! This is your chance to spread your artistic wings and master the skies of creativity.

With every new method, you’ll see your skills take off and reach new altitudes. Get ready to zoom into the horizon of drawing and become an ace in plane artistry! Let’s make our sketchbooks the most adventurous airports ever!

How to Draw an Airplane from a Different Perspective

This airplane drawing method focuses on a different perspective, where the plane is depicted from a frontal view. This angle highlights the plane’s nose and cockpit windows, giving a face-on appearance, and the wings are drawn from the side, emphasizing their length and shape.

how to draw an airplane step by step very easy

Drawing of an Airplane Ready for Takeoff

This perspective brings the nose and cockpit directly into focus, requiring a clear illustration of the front section. Drawing from this angle lends a sense of immediacy and depth, as if the plane is poised for takeoff right before the viewer’s eyes, and demands careful attention to the alignment and spacing of all elements.

how to draw an airplane step by step

How to Draw an Airplane in the Opposite Direction

Alright, are you ready to soar in a different direction? This alternate perspective challenges the artist to consider the plane’s dimensions and how they appear from a different angle, fostering a more comprehensive understanding of shape and form. It encourages practicing with proportion and depth.

how to draw an airplane step by step

How to Draw an Easy Airplane

So, this airplane drawing method emphasizes simplicity and minimal detail. This approach starts with basic shapes and fewer lines, gradually adding elements without overcomplicating the process. It’s an easy, straightforward technique perfect for young artists keen to quickly grasp the basics of drawing planes.

how to draw an easy plane step by step

Drawing an Airplane in 6 Steps

This approach is all about simplicity and speed, a perfect match for young artists who want to quickly bring their plane to life. With just six easy steps and fewer details, it creates a delightful and realistic plane. Even with such simplicity, the outcome is a plane that looks ready to take off into the blue sky.


How to Draw a Simple Airplane

The drawing method for this plane focuses on simplicity and minimalism. This approach emphasizes clean lines and less complexity, which is perfect for beginners or anyone looking for a quick. The end result is a charming and whimsical depiction of an plane, capturing the essence without intricate details.

how to draw a simple airplane step by step


Alright, young artists, you’ve just soared through the skies of creativity and completed your airplane drawing! Don’t you feel like a true pilot of the paper? Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep your pencils flying!

Don’t forget to follow me on social media so you won’t miss any exciting new tutorials. Share your drawings with me, and maybe suggest what you’d like to draw next. Who knows, your idea might be my next lesson!

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