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How to Draw Cartoon Milk

The lesson on how to draw cartoon milk is ready for you. This instruction contains only nine very simple steps.

cartoon milk drawing for beginners
how to draw cartoon milk step by step

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw cartoon milk. You will certainly enjoy this lesson, and you will have a pleasant time doing such a creative activity.

Milk is a popular tasty and healthy product. You know that milk can come in different packages. In this case, the milk is contained in a rectangular tetra-pack box. In such packaging, milk can be stored for several months and at the same time retain all its taste and nutritional qualities.

It is very easy to draw such a box. In each step of this lesson, you will do one simple step. Thus, you can quickly complete the lesson, and the skills gained will be useful to you in the future when you want to draw other products in the same packaging. For example, you can draw the same box but make a different label.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw Cartoon Milk

  1. Draw the top of the box’s side edge.

    Using straight lines, sketch out a rectangle.how to draw cartoon milk easy

  2. Depict the side vertical face.

    Draw two parallel vertical lines and connect them at the bottom.how to draw cartoon milk box

  3. Add the second side face.

    Depict the side edge on the right side using straight lines.how to draw cartoon milk box

  4. Draw the top of the box.

    At the very top, sketch out a small rectangle.how to draw cartoon box of milk

  5. Draw the outline of the label on one side of the box.

    At this stage, sketch out two parallel lines on one side face.cute milk cartoon drawing

  6. Add the outline of the label on the other side.

    Repeat the previous step and draw two parallel lines on the other side’s face.milk cartoon drawing

  7. Write the letters.

    Write the word “milk” on the label.simple cartoon milk drawing tutorial

  8. Add details.

    Draw some straight lines as shown in the example.cartoon milk drawing lesson for kids

  9. Color the cartoon milk.

    Choose any color for coloring the label.cartoon milk drawing for beginners

Fine! Now you have learned how to draw cartoon milk. If you liked this drawing lesson, then you can leave a review in the comments. For your convenience, I have prepared a short version of the lesson in PDF format.

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